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Does Rogers block ports 135/445

I plan to stick around

When running GRC sheilds up, ports 135/445 report as Closed and not Stealth regardless if i use Windows, IOS or Android, I have not configured these ports in any router firewalls.


There are a few old threads about Rogers filtering these ports but not directly from Rogers that I could find, so is this expected outcome?


I have used the same devices with a Telus hotspot and everything is showing as Stealth so it isn't my devices. 


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Re: Does Rogers block ports 135/445

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@JonSnow88  It's possible that Rogers is blocking some services to protect customers.  In the past, Rogers has performed port scans on customers' gateways looking for certain open/active services, sent warning notices if they see those services active, and have gone so far as to threaten disconnection if customers refuse to take action.

Re: Does Rogers block ports 135/445

I plan to stick around

I don't have these ports open on my network and frankly don't want them open or in closed state, I have not recieved any notices from Rogers that these ports are open either.


I'm hopoing I can get a clear answer from a Rogers Engineer on the forum, asking over the phone/chat will be impossible to get it escalated to an actual enginieer from first level support. 

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