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Digital to Ignite Platform Migration

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I currently have Rogers digital, with an internet modem wired into my cat5 jacks, and a PC wired into the network router upstairs. I also have three separate phones wired into my phone jacks. My package is up for renewal, and I need a solution that keeps all of these hardwired devices if I was to upgrade to Ignite. Is there a solution?


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Re: Digital to Ignite Platform Migration

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The Ignite X series modems will allow you to keep all of these connections.

The X series modems can be bridged and you can use your own router ( not a Rogers supported configuration). The X series also have a phone out for their Home Phone service that can be connected to your home's POTS wiring.

Re: Digital to Ignite Platform Migration

One thing to be aware of, is do you have a alarm system in your house that happens to be monitored over a traditional phone line? if so this could complicate the setup and when i say complicate, it means its possible to hook up and get the home phone working however Rogers techs are not trained or not knowledgeable on how to connect your alarm to the ignite home phone so the alarm for the telephone line monitoring. The location of the incoming phone line can be different with rogers ignite vs rogers digital home phone vs bell canada, so this is something you should be aware of, but if u have no alarm, then no need to worry. plus monitoring alarm system over a traditional phone line is quite outdated now, a lot of the newer alarms use ethernet and even cellular monitoring to get around this

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