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Company intranet is blocked by Ignite Advanced Security feature

I've been here awhile


I had put in a ticket about this issue, as instructed to do by Rogers agents, it was closed without resolution and I was told the notes said I should do something with my TV to fix it — haha. I had it opened again and that was closed again, contacted Rogers agent and was told the notes said to have my company check my browser settings. Then told I should post to this forum to have the issue looked into instead, so let's hope this is more fruitful. The tickets were C181684059 and C181574318. 


The issue is that my company's intranet website is blocked (on all browsers) by the Advanced Security feature of the Ignite Gateway Hub. When I disable the feature, I can then load the website fine. My company has told me this is an issue that many other employees who are with Rogers have reported and since it is the Advanced Security feature of Rogers, of course my company can't do anything. I would like to be able to continue to use the security feature, and still be able to access the webpage. I assume it needs to be whitelisted, unblocked or marked as safe by Rogers. 


If someone could please follow-up with me about this, I'd appreciate it. 


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Re: Company intranet is blocked by Ignite Advanced Security feature


Hello, @175258965363552.


Thank you for your post, and welcome to our Community!


We appreciate your commitment to using the Advanced Security feature offered through the Ignite WiFi Hub app. It can be inconvenient not being able to access your company’s intranet website.


Do you need to use your company’s VPN to access the intranet website?


You have the option to select the device from the Connect tab in the Ignite WiFi Hub app and follow the instructions to override Advanced Security and allow access temporarily.




Re: Company intranet is blocked by Ignite Advanced Security feature

Hi there,
Thanks for your reply!

No, it doesn’t require a VPN to access. It uses Microsoft credentials to login and you can access it on any network.

I did try allowing access to the intranet website after I saw the Advanced Security showed it as a threat (which in essence is what I like about the Advanced Security feature, being able to see the device and what it tried to open). But it only allowed access for an hour and then wouldn’t let me allow again afterwards. That was a good workaround the first time though.

Re: Company intranet is blocked by Ignite Advanced Security feature

Hello, @175258965363552.


I appreciate you trying the temporary override feature of the app. The Advanced Security feature currently only supports temporary access to blocked websites. However, I have passed on the feedback to the product team to look into it. 


We’ll keep this thread apprised as we get an update about this feature.


Thank you for understanding!




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