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Sportsnet+ and Global Tv App

I've been here awhile


I’m unable to watch any games on sportsnet+ or watch any channels on the global tv app. Both apps when I sign in using my rogers account it says I don’t have a subscription to watch but I do have all of the channel available to me on my TV. This is just really confusing because just on Monday I was able to watch all the sportsnet channels on the sportsnet+ app and all the channels on the global tv app. This just suddenly changed yesterday.

I did accidentally factory reset my gateway modem yesterday, so I’m not sure if that affected things as post doing that the apps don’t work as they previously did.

I chatted with a Rogers agent for 90 minutes today and got absolutely NOWHERE and I’m still unable to stream on those apps. So not sure what to do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Sportsnet+ and Global Tv App


Hello @bluecat560,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums, and thank you for your post!


That is strange that you are unable to watch anything on those apps when you previously were able to. Resetting the modem should not affect the channels for your package.

Can you confirm if you are still able to view the channels on your TV? Are you able to watch those channels on the Ignite TV app? Have you made any recent account or plan changes?


If you can let us know some more information, we can certainly look into this further for you.


Thank you.


Re: Sportsnet+ and Global Tv App

Hi, thanks for replying I appreciate it. I have spoken to another agent since making this post but have still yet to resolve the issue so maybe I will find help here.

Yes we are able to view all channels on TV. Whether sportsnet or all the Global affiliate channels (global, slice, HGTV, food network, etc). Also all of those channels are available in the ignite tv app. Only place we can’t watch is sportsnet+ via webpage or app, or globalTV via their website or app.

We haven’t made any account/plan changes but we recently had to be switched over to Ignite Tv as we had the old PVR box.

We tried unlinking and relinking our account as we saw that suggestion in another similar thread but the problem was not resolved.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Re: Sportsnet+ and Global Tv App

Hi @bluecat560, we may need to refresh the entitlements for you on our end. Please click here to send us a PM @CommunityHelps for further assistance!





Re: Sportsnet+ and Global Tv App

I've been here awhile

I’ve been experiencing the same thing with the Sportsnet app for over a month now. Also as of a couple days ago, I haven’t been able to view any TSN channels on their app either when I log in via my tv subscription. Starting to wonder if this feature is being taken away.


Re: Sportsnet+ and Global Tv App

I am having the exact same problems as I am unable to watch shows through Global and Sportsnet apps as it won’t recognize that I have these channels through my Rogers Ignite. No problem with watching them on my tv.
Please help.

Re: Sportsnet+ and Global Tv App

Hello, @jmmelo92 & @wendyhardy.


Thanks for joining this thread and sharing your concerns. We can investigate these channels' access through their respective apps. Please send @CommunityHelps a private message. You can find details about our private messaging in this blog.




Re: Sportsnet+ and Global Tv App

do we have an update cause its happening to me as well.

Re: Sportsnet+ and Global Tv App

Me too! I try to sign in to watch and it says I'm blocked, or they can't confirm my credentials.

Re: Sportsnet+ and Global Tv App

Hi @Zostrus2010 and @Meg171,


Welcome to the Community!


Did you get a chance to review @RogersMoin's post right above yours? Please review and contact us if you're still having issues accessing Sportsnet+ and Global TV apps.






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