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Ignite tv app on Google TV

I've been around

Got a new Google TV and this app does not appear on the Playstore, sideloading doesn't work either. I see Bell, when will Ignite TV app be available for Google TV?



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Re: Ignite tv app on Google TV


Hello, @mr5g.


Thank you for posting your query, and welcome to our Community! 😃


It can be handy and enhance the viewing experience to have the Ignite TV app support more streaming platforms. Please see the Ignite TV App requirements on the support portal and check it often for the list of supported OSs and platforms. 



Re: Ignite tv app on Google TV

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Ignite TV is the tradename Rogers has applied to the Xfinity system created by Comcast.

Rogers does not.donits.own.major development on this platform. Any streaming apps will have to be developed by Comcast before they appear in Canada.

Re: Ignite tv app on Google TV

Thanks for that, and I still think it's great that Rogers now lets us cast Ignite rather than requiring a hardwire connection, but it's also worth point out that you already use the Chrome platform so it does make sense to update to the Google TV version, which for anyone not familiar with it, includes a remote control and is simply a fantastic convenience. It would dovetail beautifully with Ignite! 

Re: Ignite tv app on Google TV

I've been around
Almost 2023 and this app is still not available on the android tv appstore got me thinking about making the switch to BELL Fibe.

Re: Ignite tv app on Google TV

I've been around
I was looking into this before expanding my package. Agreed Rogers will be left behind not being on supported tv OS. The only reason I see this not happening is the $4.99 a month for an ignite streaming box which will support ignite tv.

Money is money after all. But in these times money is money in our pockets, after all.

Get with the times Rogers.
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