Ignite "Big Button" (Royal) Remote

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Ignite "Big Button" (Royal) Remote

This is new: 

Ignite TV Big Button Remote: RoyalIgnite TV Big Button Remote: Royal

Found this on: https://www.rogers.com/support/tv/remote




Looks like it is IR-only, so it will require a very direct line of sight to the Ignite set-top box.


@CommunityHelps  How do you get one of these remotes?


The "Royal" remote is not listed on https://www.urcsupport.com/rogers/ yet but you can find more info here:




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Re: Ignite "Big Button" (Royal) Remote

Love it, it look like the one from the Digital TV boxes, and I like the separated power button for the TV and the box. Wish we'll be able to swap our current one for this new one if it become available, for our current Ignite remote, some buttons are hard to press and it look like a basic tv remote instead of a cable box.

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Re: Ignite "Big Button" (Royal) Remote

Hey @-G-


I hope you're staying safe and sound! 😁 The Ignite TV Big Button Remote is available through special order by customers who identify themselves as having special needs. You don’t need to return your current remote though, you can interchange the remotes if required. 👍 


Bear in mind, this remote does not have voice command functionality. We would courier the remote to you and you should receive the remote within 3-5 days. You’ll receive the Big Button remote, 2 AA batteries, and instructions in the package. If you do require one, feel free to send us a PM via @CommunityHelps and we'd be glad to get one out to you! I hope this helps! 






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Re: Ignite "Big Button" (Royal) Remote

In addition to one of the major advantages of IgniteTV (Voice Control) it appears the Big Button remote doesn't have Pg+, Pg- buttons. This means no skip functionality, which is important to many people. It is possible that this may be handled in another way (similar to Day+, Day- which the 1055/6 remotes for digital TV had), but you'd need to check.


If I were to get a different remote for IgniteTV, I would probably purchase a fully programmable remote like the Harmony 665 or similar. These can be purchased for about $50 on sale (Boxing week, Black Friday, etc).  This would have all IR functionality and also be able to control all of your other (IR) equipment properly with one button press.  This is especially useful if you have equipment besides a TV like an AVR, BD player, etc.

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Re: Ignite "Big Button" (Royal) Remote

I just received 3 of these larger remotes and as was already said you don't return the original since you still need it for voice commands. I also like having the separate TV power button since I use the TV on a separate input as a desktop monitor so shutting the tv service (sleep now) doesn't mean I want the tv off yet I can still control the TV volume with the larger remote. 


The small sharp edge navigation arrows and tiny "ok" button of the original were unworkable for me to the point of frustration. I was about to ask permission to glue soft caps taken from an old broken remote on 5 specific buttons on 1 remote as a test when the concierge service agent told me about the larger remotes. There was plenty of room for more normal keys on the original remote since almost the same space is used so it's puzzling why no one told the designers that it was an idiotic brain child idea. There is no need to be cute with the design when it's useless for anyone except those with small bony tipped fingers. The rest of the placement and functionality could have used some work also but those 5 centre navigation keys  were my main complaint.


For aging eyes the large remote would have been better with a white backlight instead of a dull red. The black lettering on white keys is acceptable but the dull-ish white/grey lettering on the black keys is hard to read in low light. Overall I was mainly interested in larger navigation keys to make browsing and channel hoping much easier and it provides that. I don't mind using 2 remotes but had they not messed this up I wouldn't have needed a 2nd large remote. Not saying some wouldn't have but I'll bet complaints and requests for these larger ones would have been far lower.