Ignite Parental Controls

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Ignite Parental Controls

Especially since there was some recent updates, I thought I should do a little write up about the parental controls available on the Ingnite internet.

Many parents worry about what their kids are doing online, how long they are, but are not always aware of all the tools that are available to them.

To manage all these settings, you will need download the rogers ignite wifi app on your phone/tablet, or via the webpage: https://www.rogers.com/ignitewifi/

You will need to log into it with your Myrogers account information which is tied with your ignite account.


The first step may be a little tedious at first, but wont be as bad, only would have to do after you add any new internet devices.
You will want to go to the PEOPLE tab.  On this page you can set up tabs for each person in the house.  You may want to set up a generic one or two as well, for general devices (I have one called rogers for all the rogers devices, and  household one for like smart thermostat, etc)

The next part will be to go over to the DEVICES tab.  When on this tab, you should see all the devices connected (or recently connected).  Clicking on each device, will bring you to the details about it.  Part way down the page should be a spot to ASSIGN the device.  Click on it and add it to a user/profile.
Do this for all your devices.

Afterwards, go into one of the users you want to set these controls on.  In the top right corner there is a gear icon.  This will allow you to set the controls

Parental Controls
Active Time Limit
- this will let you set a total active time limit for all devices.  This will count across ALL devices in that persons profile.  So if they have a PS4 and a phone.. would include online time from both.  Once reached, it will pause all their devices from connecting.
You can choose the amount of time.  As well, there is a different setting for weekedays vs weekends.  So you could give the longer on the weekend days.

Downtime - they have now expanded the 'disconnected' hours.  You can now put in more than one timeframe!

You click on schedule downtime, and will give you options of when you want to set it.  You can choose which days it applies to, then the time frame.  So you can set that it shuts off their internet from 10pm to 8 when they go to school.  Allow it the rest of the day until dinner time + homework time, etc.

Parental Controls - only really and on/off option here.  "reduce the risk of accessing objectionable websites and apps and enable protective search settings for Google, Bing and YouTube. Viewable content will be deemed appropriate for all ages."  Unfortunately no more granular, so no young/vs teen setting.  or adding/removing extra sites.


Pause Internet -  Outside of setting any of the settings above, you can always manually pause a users internet.  Going into that users profile, you can click on the pause button.  this will pause their access for 30m, 1h, 2h, or until you choose to un-pause it.


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Re: Ignite Parental Controls

Thanks so much for putting this together! This is a fantastic user guide update and is super helpful for anyone looking to set up Parental Controls.


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