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Ignite (Ottawa Lineup) WJBK Fox Detroit (Ch. 36) Lip Sync is off

I plan to stick around

On Ch. 36 the Video is a good quarter of a second at least, *ahead* of the audio. It is most easily seen by watching the lip sync, you can see people start talking and then you hear it delayed. I have compared to other channels, and other channels are perfect, it's possible some of the other Detroit-sourced locals are a bit off-sync too, but WJBK is by far the most severe.


While it is possible to manually accommodate this on my sound hardware, this puts all the other channels off sync. I would greatly appreciate if someone takes a look at and adjust on their end for this channel.


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Re: Ignite (Ottawa Lineup) WJBK Fox Detroit (Ch. 36) Lip Sync is off

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Here are my comments and questions:


1. You say you have "sound hardware".  What is the exact make/model of your device?

2. If it's a TV or sound bar, change the output setting of the IgniteTV box to "Stereo" instead of DD or Expert as a TV or sound bar will not typically be adversely affected by this change.

3. It's odd that it's affecting mainly one channel.  If that's the case, then the issue is with that channel and not with Rogers or your hardware.  You may need to contact the channel(s) to get them to fix the issue, although based on previous feedback in this forum, the Stereo setting usually solves synch issues.

Re: Ignite (Ottawa Lineup) WJBK Fox Detroit (Ch. 36) Lip Sync is off

I plan to stick around

1. Sony Bravia XBR x900f connected to a bose soundbar. I can adjust using the bose app on my phone and get WJBK aligned around 50-60ms setting, but this messes up the timing on every other channel and therefore really isn't an acceptable solution.


2. I change to Stereo and can't notice any difference. WJBK still problematic with either setting.


3. It could very well be a source issue, did some searching online for WJBK audio sync issues and it has come up before on other forums. If Rogers is receiving the signal in this state however, I would hope their engineers have the ability to do their own corrections, or at least pass the message on to their source feed provider to look into it. If I need to record Fox, for now my work around is to record the show on Fox Seattle Ch 194, which has perfectly good audio sync.

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