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Adding Apps on Ignite TV?

I plan to stick around

is it possible to add apps on the new ignite TV interface?
For instance, I like to stream from TV station web platform: can I download these anywhere, as opposed to having to go through the ridiculously primitive letter by letter search on YouTube? While YouTube only have very few shows that need to be accessed directly from a TV station platform.


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Re: Adding Apps on Ignite TV?

I'm a senior advisor

Would be nice but no you can not add apps to the ignite TV box. Only rogers can.

Re: Adding Apps on Ignite TV?

I plan to stick around

Thank you for prompt reply. Sorry to be blunt but this is pathetic... No customization of additional apps...

This means I have to get my own box (chromecast, roku, apple TV) which is yet another step towards cutting cable... and just go with internet.

Rogers is shooting itself in the foot - pushing ppl to Ignite TV which provides a very narrow window into Internet streamings. Please pass on this comment upstream...

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