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4K HD PVR boxes does Rogers have any in stock?

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My building has a bulk plan included in the maintenance fee  that requires a 4K HD PVR box. The Tech support guy gave me a different box (I believe it was due to failing to provision that box or maybe he doesn't have this box). I realize later that this different box has a rental charge on it. I call Rogers and they tell me to pick up the box at a Rogers plus store. I called the Rogers plus store and they told me it is not in stock and this is a legacy box. I called Rogers again and they told me they can ship this box to me and in exchange of the other box and to call them again for a refund.

Does Rogers even have any 4k HD PVR boxes? I am worried that Rogers don't have any of these boxes anymore and I have to go through these calls over and over again. Can Rogers just waive the rental fee if they can't give me the 4k HD PVR box?  Any help or advice?




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Re: 4K HD PVR boxes does Rogers have any in stock?

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Rogers probably has these 4K PVRs, however, they will all be refurbished, not new.  This should be straightforward, however there is usually a different department in Rogers responsible for BDUs. Have you tried talking to your building management?  Did you get the contact information from building management for Rogers since it's often different from regular home service?


You should have the exact make and model of the PVR for your discussions. There is no such thing as a 4K HD PVR, it's either 4K or HD.

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