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I plan to stick around

A question to members on this forum.

Would you rather have the choice as a subscriber to pick exactly the channels ( discretionary - speciality channels)  you like and watch, excluding the Starter or Basic package which is mandatory to most TV Providers by the CRTC. 

November 1, 2023 Rogers made an announcement that the Flex platform would not be available to new subscribers, but existing subscribers could keep their Flex Package that their currently have, or move to “ The New and Improved Packages” 

- which includes now the 4+1 U.S. stations ( $3 extra a month with any Flex package) which were designated Distant Stations ( they are not called this with these new packages and have always been a main stay - especially PBS) and weren’t included in any Flex Package, Also Stingray music channels weren’t available with the Flex platform ( called Stingray Plus) $3 a month extra ( with any Flex Package) now included with Ignite through the app with Rogers or on you mobile device. ( The Starter, Flex 5, Flex 10, and Flex 20 with Sports) gave the subscriber choices without having to take a lot of unwanted channels which Rogers has returned to with these new and Improved packages. Did Rogers not years ago have a Mix and Match on Digital 5,10,15, 20, 25,30.?


So again my question to the Community Forum do agree with these changes or would you like to be able to make your own choices and select the channels that would like to have or pay for a lot of unwanted, unwatched channels?



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