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Unlimited Data

I'm here a lot
Why do other companies offer unlimited data at a cheaper rate but Rogers is so expensive? Total rip off and should be illigal.

Re: Unlimited Data

I'm a senior advisor
So. Ole answer. Because they do and can and competition is limited.

My advise. Shop around for the service model and pricing you desire. It is our only power.

I realize it is likely just a rant but they are corporations and they decide their business models on tons of factors most of which we don't have access to. And crtc does not deal with pricing. Mostly communication and consistent and fair terms.

Whst more can one say!!

Re: Unlimited Data

I'm here a lot

I think Rogers is just money hungry 🙄

Re: Unlimited Data

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@Bwalters67 wrote:
Why do other companies offer unlimited data at a cheaper rate but Rogers is so expensive? Total rip off and should be illigal.

Maybe but that comment also begs the question  ...if it is such a rip off  why are you not dealing with the other companies ? Nothing sends a stronger message to a money focused company than "someone else  has the same service cheaper and I'm going there".   

Re: Unlimited Data

Yes Roger's alway scam for money by data as I have been using wireless but my Roger's app show me I used 181KB as yesterday?? WHY Roger's?

Re: Unlimited Data

Hi @Bruce-H,


Thanks for being part of our Community Forums and congratulations on your very first post!! 👍


Just to clarify my understanding of the situation, are you saying that your mobile data usage was affected when you were using Wi-Fi? Please ensure you are disabling the Wi-Fi assist/Adaptive Wi-Fi feature on your device, otherwise, your device may still flip over to your mobile data even when you have your Wi-Fi connected as it will seek out the strongest signal currently available.


Here are some helpful tips on how you can get the most out of your data:


- Use Wi-Fi to download, stream, and update your phone 
- Close apps when not in use (do not leave them running in the background)
- Turn off location services 
- Limit your use of tethering or a hotspot 
- Download media and video files and apps on your computer, then sync them to your phone through iTunes (Apple devices) or a data cord.


If you still have any questions or concerns, please don't be shy to let the Community know!


Kind regards,

Re: Unlimited Data

No. I was wondering why I don't get unlimited data when other companies can offer it at a lower cost.
For the price I pay, I should get unlimited Data.

Re: Unlimited Data

I have no idea what you're talk about. My question was not even remotely close.
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