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Hey Community,


As part of our network and customer experience investments, we've introduced Spam Call Detect, a feature to help you avoid answering unwanted and fraudulent voice calls. 


Spam Call Detect uses a self-evolving analytic engine that is constantly improving to monitor calls coming into the Rogers wireless and wireline networks in real-time and evaluates if they are suspected to be spam or fraud.


Incoming calls identified as potential spam or fraud will show up on a phone's call display with a warning message such as "Likely Spam" or "Likely Fraud" to help customers decide whether to answer the call. With time, the technology will become even more accurate in predicting whether a call is unwanted spam or fraud.


A service powered by Hiya, Spam Call Detect builds on existing measures we've already implemented through our work with the CRTC to combat unwanted calls including Universal Call Blocking, which stops incoming calls from telephone numbers that don't comply with North American or International numbering plans, and STIR/SHAKEN, which authenticates caller ID information for Internet Protocol-based voice calls.


Since its implementation, we've flagged over 250 million spam/fraud calls for our customers. 


Spam Call Detect is now automatically available at no extra cost to Rogers wireless and home phone customers that have Call and Name Display functionality.


spam call detect.png


Learn more about Spam Call Detect feature and what it means, here.