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Feeling secure in your home is essential. That's why we're excited to announce the arrival of our new Door/Window sensor and Smart Motion sensor.

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These sensors seamlessly integrate with your Ignite Self Protect, providing:

  • Real-time Alerts: Get notified on your phone or smart device if a sensor is triggered.
  • Remote Monitoring: Gain peace of mind by checking the status of your sensors from anywhere.
  • Customization Options: Set up automated preferences, like triggering lights to turn on when motion is detected.

Simple Setup & User-Friendly:

  • Installation is easy – no drilling or complicated wiring required.
  • The sensors are easily added using the Ignite HomeConnect app.

Home & Away Mode

  • Home Mode: Turns off alerts so you can move around freely. You can turn cameras and motion sensing on or off for added privacy.
  • Away Mode: Switch to Away mode when you’re out to turn on real-time alerts for peace of mind.

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