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new My Rogers login December 4, 2017

I'm a senior advisor

I contemplated putting this in the thread on sign in to the forum, as it is related, or any other MyRogers login thread, but this is a major change in how the login operates and I thought maybe it would make sense to stand alone.


I have no doubt that there will be an announcement coming soon of the changes, and hopefully, solid instructional and FAQ's, and solid communication across all channels to support us in the change.


I have to say, I like what they have done.


It clearly moves the login into the modern technology of dual authorization, Oauth2 at the MyRogers level, and hopefully when completed leads to more seamless and error free logins into forums, anyplace TV, and all the other related sites that rely on our MyRogers account membership login.


First thing you will notice is a new form, and and explanation of the changes.


When you put your user name and password in you will be required to put in a phone number to receive an authorization - not sure what it means if you don't have a phone number cell phone - there still are some, I know, but for those who don't, you will need to ask.


It then sends an authorization number to you by text that you enter to complete your authorization.


This authorization code can be changed if you desire - haven't followed that action through yet to see how it works.


Log in from the forums, took me to the new login form, and the temporary fix of having to log in from the bottom of the MyRogers page is still the required way to get into the forums at this time, so nothing has changed there.


Anyplace TV is still using its same login screen and protocols as were there before.


One thing to be aware of is that you will have to authorize every browser and device that you use - I tried it on three browswers on one computer and had to authorize each browser, but not surprising, but how Oauth2 works, same as the principle of how the authorization of email on your phone, and email on unapproved apps works now, and the authorization code for Rogers email registration on approved apps, so now industry standard.


Maybe with a move to standardize on one accepted and current industry authorization standard, things will become more stable as apps, services, browsers, and OS an devices change over time.


So nice to see that change.


A couple of things that strike me though.


The site was down most of the afternoon when they did this - It would have been nice for a banner notice that maintenance would be done - I do hope you planned it, didn't just decide to do it on the spur of the moment.


Got the under maintenance for changes page, so new changes were being done, but this had to have been in the works for quite a while - a major change like this one is not something that happens in a couple of days.


I also wonder if some of the issues of login to the forum were held back due to this known changed in the whole authorization process.


A suggestion to Rogers:


A major change like this is a mareketable change that shows committment to working with leading standards and staying ahead and with the industry.  It would not have hurt at all, say a week ago to say, our site will be under maintenance on Sunday and we expect this to be completed within (say 6 hours), but we will advise you if we are delayed, (also be prepared to roll back if necessary).


These changes represent a significant direction in our ongoing committment to improve security of access to your privacy and information, and we look forward to seeing your feedback.


Further full documentation of the changes and how to work with the new changes will follow in due time.


We thank you for your patience.


Much better, improved way to communicate a major change, then just dropping it out of no where on a Sunday afternoon.


Have of helping people be satsified with the inevitable changes in technology is by letting them know that things are coming, don't just drop it on them leaving them to figure it out on their own.  It is 12:33 on Monday morning, after this implementation this afternoon.  All appears to have gone well, but no FAQ's on use prepared that I have found.  Fortunately it is pretty straight forward in its directions of next steps, and the new link that describes the change in "marketing presentation style", not user support or advanced notice, has the consistent look and feel of the logins and steps that are required in standard OAuth, dual authorization methods. And it is consistent with the theme and styles of all current announcements, with colour and layout.


So, am hoping that this implementation goes fairly cleanly, looks like it will, so definitely some thorough testing, and since this interface is standard, your beta pool could be larger than usual, as it can be easily tested on any employee with a rogers service and MyRogers login.


So good job, a bit of advance of "wonderful things to come", and maintenance on sunday would be apprecxiated.


I am seeing some improvement in this area, nice to see.


I will leave it to others and the rollout of full FAQ's, and announcements, and user direction/guides for people to do a full learning exercise, feedback, and comments throughout all the channels.




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Re: new My Rogers login December 4, 2017

I'm a senior advisor

Not quite fully stable yet though - On Chrome, it presented the new login forum, yet on Firefox, I got the old one - worked ok though.


Tried edge - got the under maintenance page.


So guess not fully there yet.


What is with the pattern of not getting stability across browsers anyway - this is almost 2018 by the way,


But it is getting there. Glad I keep three browsers active on my computer - I never know which one I will need when it comes to Rogers web sites.  Oh well - that is who they are - as has been said by others - I don't want to beta test this one either - I will just log in and do what I have to do whatever way it takes to get there.




Re: new My Rogers login December 4, 2017

I'm a senior advisor

Before the sign-in problems began, I had my Notifications page bookmarked and used that to sign in to the Forum. Then that went haywire and would continuously loop, so I started using the bookmark I had for my PayGo balance which also didn't work anymore, but at least I could go to the bottom of the page and click Community Forums. Now both those bookmarks take me to the same My Rogers page with Community Forums at the bottom. But wait another week and it may be different.

Rogers PayGo. Location: S-W Ontario

Re: new My Rogers login December 4, 2017

I plan to stick around

Hi guys


I logged in to My Rogers just now - as I do most days - and saw no difference at all. Put in email address and password - got access to everything.


Using Safari 11.0.1 under MacOSX 10.13.1 High Sierra.

Re: new My Rogers login December 4, 2017

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Several times now I've had a "pop-up" for the sign-in, instead of the usual sign-in page for signing into MyRogers.  The first time I had the "pop-up", about a week ago, it asked me if I wanted to "link to my cell phone" or something like that to make it easier to retrieve a password, but I said no. 


Since then, it's occasionally been the pop-up to sign in (twice in the past few days) and it takes me into the MyRogers page the same as the regular sign-in, which I've used probably 20 times in the past week.  It's odd that it's not consistent, but we've come to expect that from Rogers. Smiley Wink

Re: new My Rogers login December 4, 2017

I'm a trusted contributor
For the past couple of days I've had that same pop-up for sign-in on my computer. On my iPad it is still the old familiar sign-in page.

Re: new My Rogers login December 4, 2017

I'm a senior advisor

Today my sign-in has changed again. When I click my Notifications bookmark, I don't get the sign-in screen, but have to click the LOGIN button, then get a pop-up to sign in.

Rogers PayGo. Location: S-W Ontario

Re: new My Rogers login December 2017

Hey Community, 


Starting today, December 6, 2017, we’ve made changes to the MyRogers to simplify both the log in and registration processes. These updates apply to customers who log in in via on a desktop or mobile browser.


Here's a list of some of the new updates!


New Password Reset and Username Recovery Option

Customers can now set a wireless recovery number for their account. Setting up a wireless recovery number will help them quickly and easily reset a forgotten password. It can also help them recover their username. See Set a Wireless Recovery Number for a MyRogers Account for the steps to set a Wireless Recovery Number. Check Reset Forgotten Password or Retrieve Username for MyRogers Account for the new password reset and username retrieval process.


Registration Flow Updates

We’ve made changes to the registration flow to make the process easier for our customers. In the past, customers would go through several steps in the log in process before a getting an error message. These error messages would let them know that their account is associated to another profile. When an error message would appear, it would be vague and hard to understand, causing confusion and generating calls to Customer Care.

With the new process, customers will confirm that their account is not associated to another profile in the first step. Error messages will be easier to understand and will promote self-serve. See Sign Up For MyRogers – Postpaid Accounts for more details. Note: Prepaid customers will continue to use the old registration flow.


Log in Updates

To make it more convenient for our customers to log in, we’ve also added a Remember Me option to the log in screen. Checking Remember Me means that customers won’t need to enter their username for each log in attempt.



If you have any questions or feedback regarding this latest upgrade, feel free to post it here in this thread. 



Re: new My Rogers login December 2017

I'm a senior advisor

I also notice now when logging in to Community Forums there is no extra step where I have to choose between my Cable and PayGo accounts. That never had any relevance to the Forums.

Rogers PayGo. Location: S-W Ontario

Re: new My Rogers login December 4, 2017

It is march 18th and I can't login to "myrogers" account from safari, chrome and firefox.  Isn't the new login supposed to be better? I have called Rogers and requested paper bills again due to this issue. 


I have escalated this a few times to Rogers but it has never been fixed and I cannot keep changing password every 2 weeks.

Re: new My Rogers login December 4, 2017

Good afternoon @Jasdkaur!


Welcome to our Community!


I personally rely on the app for a lot of things so I understand how important it is to our customers. If you're having ongoing, chronic issues with your login, please let us have a look. PM us @CommunityHelps for further assistance. If you're not familiar with how to PM, please follow this link for instructions:




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