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U.S roaming for for people who go for 3 months at a time

I'm here a lot

when the 2 of us go to the U.S for 3 months -it becomes very costly to roam.$40. X2 X3= $240.00 +

many times we might not even use more that 5 minutes-but we need to cover ourselves in case we get calls from home.  I saw that Wind Mobile offers  unlimited  roaming for $ 15.00 mth- I think Rogers did that in the past-

  Rogers   should intro a  "snowbirds" package . this is a huge market






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Re: U.S roaming for for people who go for 3 months at a time

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Hi @alpuma


Thank you for your post.


Rogers has a great option for US travellers such as yourself!


Are you on a Share Everything plan for your phone? If so you can use Roam Like Home. For 5 dollars a day you can use your phone on your Share Everything plan in the US. You're only charged if you use your device and only charged for a maxmium of 10 days in your bill cycle as well.


Click here for more information.







Re: U.S roaming for for people who go for 3 months at a time

Yes, Roam Like Home would probably be the best fit for you. It's designed for people who travel to the USA frequently and who don't want to bother with the travel packages each time. The only issue is changing the price plan but if you call to customer service they should be able to help with that.

Re: U.S roaming for for people who go for 3 months at a time

If we use your suggestion =then it is $50.00  X2 a month for of us !   PLUS it would cost us more per month for our  everyday  regular wireless use in that plan !!    Not exactly a good deal. 

the best deal is to purchase a phone at a big box store and for $10 get a 1000 minute phone card ! We will park our Rogers phone  &  forward the calls to our home phone= no extra cost to us  and no added revenue for Rogers.

ROGERS SHOULD SHOW SOME INNOVATION  in the Roaming area !  This would bring people back to them

Re: U.S roaming for for people who go for 3 months at a time

So $5.00 per day, giving a customer access to basically the exact same plan they have in Canada, and a cap of $50.00/cycle, isn't innovation in the roaming area? Not to mention the $10.00/day to be able to use it in Europe.


Consider the fact that a lot of USA travel packs cost about $50.00 and you might get 100 minutes, some texting, and 50MB of data, give or take. I'm not looking at the exact packages right now, so I'm not sure.


The point I'm making (and this is speaking as an individual, not someone who works for Rogers) is that it's probably the best thing Rogers could have come up with. Having worked wireless customer service for another provider for over two years the biggest complaint was roaming charges and how quickly they added up. Roam Like Home eliminates any worries for a huge roaming bill in the hundred or even thousand dollar range.


It may not be what suits you best, but let's be fair. It would be hard to innovate more then this when it comes to roaming.

Re: U.S roaming for for people who go for 3 months at a time

I plan to stick around

You only pay the $5 / day roam like home fee if you actually use your phone during a 24 hour period.  If the phone is on and you don't make / receive any calls (and you have data roaming turned off), you won't pay the fee.  It would only be up to $50 / month / line if you used it 10+ days each billing period.

Re: U.S roaming for for people who go for 3 months at a time

I've been around

Roaming in the US is now $6 per day for a maximum 15 days or $90 per month. Enjoy summer conditions for three months and roaming will cost an additional $270 on top of your current wireless plan.

Re: U.S roaming for for people who go for 3 months at a time

I'm here a lot

Now it's up to $7/Day for the US, and $12/Day International, to a maximum of 15 Days ($105 or $180) *per phone*


Expensive yes, but one nice thing is that *receiving* texts does not incur the daily Roam-Like-Home fee, so I can continue to receive bank notifications, and see who is calling if I don't answer for no charge. Also with Wi-Fi calling, you can send texts and make calls to Canadian numbers, receive from anywhere for free while outside of Canada without triggering the Roam like Home daily fee as well.


One way to optimize roam-like home fees is, if you DO trigger the daily fee, at say 10:23AM, note that time, as you can use it all the way until 10:22AM the next day without incurring triggering another fee. Just ensure not to make/answer calls, use data, or send text messages after that time until you actually need to again.


Last tip, you can use a hotel or pay phone to check your Rogers Voicemail for free from anywhere in Canada & the US by dialing 1-87-ROGERSVM (1-877-643-7786). (Don't dial it from your cel-phone, as that will trigger the roam-like-home daily fee)

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