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I plan to stick around

So I purchased this cheap Chinese device and I went to Rogers to find out what it needed for a sim and plan. 

Well over the counter had no idea and I was clear it needed SMS and Call Data. The device works by phoning or texting the number and it pings back a map location real time. Only tracks when you call or text it. I want it for my new truck in case it gets stolen. 


Well Roger sold me a tablet add on plan and it didn't work at all and I knew it wouldn't as you couldn't call or text it. I get so frustrated and people that don't know what they are doing and sell whatever they can.


Well the help desk was no help and after hours with "retention" for cancelling I finally got out.


Does anyone know what plan I really need?




Re: TK-STAR GPS Tracker

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

My guess from the sounds of it? A regular cell phone plan unfortunately 😞
To be able to receive the text messages properly.

It may be too expensive to say add this as an additional line to your existing plan (share the data, etc)

Might be cheaper if there is a small pay as you go plan?  something with like 500mb of data and X many text per month? 
As it wouldnt be used much/use a lot correct?

Re: TK-STAR GPS Tracker

I plan to stick around

Yes it would be used very rarely and more for testing than use I imagine. May check on the wife when she takes my truck too of course. LOL


I'm still not sure where to get a plan but I can try to find a 7/11 and see what they have. It's not like the person behind the counter will know anything.


I only need the SIM not the phone.

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