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Rogers’ Burial Process by @RogersMoin

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Resident Expert

Great post !


I disagree with the following section on technical nitty-gritty's:


My neighbour is connected to my CSE (Customer Service Enclosure) via temporary cable, does this mean my services will not work properly?


Your services will not be affected by connecting a temporary cable to your neighbour to provide them with continued services. The connection will always be separate from your own.


Just to point out, in order for the tech to connect your neighbour to your cable line, he or she will install a splitter, probably a two port (output) splitter.  Each leg of that splitter drops the incoming signal power level by 3 db (50%).  So, if your signal conditions are marginal to begin with, dropping the signal level by 3 dB before it hits your internal splitter could be enough to cause problems for your modems (internet, telephone and nextbox).  Each case is unique and probably in most cases, this shouldn't cause issues.  It all depends on the signal levels in your home prior to any installation of an external splitter.  The tech would have to judge whether or not your signal levels are high enough that you could afford to lose 3dB, and as pointed out, the tech should advise you prior to installing an external splitter. 


For anyone running the traditional digital TV services with multiple nextboxes, internet modem and possibly a Home Phone, all of which runs off of a multi-port splitter, dropping 3 dB could cause issues.  As Rogers customers switch over to the Ignite TV service, which runs off of a single modem, that reduces the overall line loads from the neighbourhood node to the various modems on any given street.  The result, in the future, should be better service, and issues such as splitting a cable line should be less of an issue as signal levels rise along the external cable run. 


Re: Rogers’ Burial Process by @RogersMoin

Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator

Hey @Datalink!


Hope you're doing well! We appreciate your feedback as always!


I think, for the most part, customer's would be concerned that they're "sharing" service with their neighbor. Essentially limiting potential throughput. Our answer there speaks more so to that as there would be no difference in service availability.


You're definitely right though in regards to the forward/return power levels. Upon the installation of a temporary line our technicians will ensure that any visible RF issues are addressed prior to leaving and if the signal issue is not resolvable from the tap they can engage our maintenance team to address it further back the line.


Services should not be impacted for sure by use of a temporary line from a neighbors CSE, but in the off chance it does occur there's processes in place to ensure it's resolved asap.


Thanks for pointing this out!



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