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Random Cell deadzones in Durham

I'm a regular

I've noticed with my Rogers cell phone and others (my friends and family) that there seem to be wireless dead zones throughout Durham (Pickering - Whitby) . Now to be fair they aren't usually completely dead. You get very very poor reception. I've seen this in places with all kinds of phones (Samsung, HTC, Iphones) . This low reception (my parents for instance could not use their data on their phones without Wifi in their house in surbuban area of Durham) seems unique to Rogers in these areas. 


Does ROGERS know about these huge drops reception scattered throughout Durham? Are they upgrading their networks? It is really bad that my friends are considering leaving rogers (althought they don't want to because they get a good deal from Rogers) for anothe rprovider that provides reception that can be used for DATA.  I can't say that I blame them. When I'm at my friend's places the reception is so poor that even SMS txt messages come thru sometimes hours later. 


I just hope Rogers is aware of this, so they can go back to being the best wireless service out there! 


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Re: Random Cell deadzones in Durham

I plan to stick around

I have the same issue, we are at the corner of Brock Rd and 3rd Conceesion (Rossland) and cannot sit in my backyard at get more than 1 bar on my Galaxy S2 and virtually no data signal at all.

Re: Random Cell deadzones in Durham

I'm a senior contributor
Not unique to Durham. Welcome to the Rogers inferior network, Canada's "unreliable" network 😉 These issues are everywhere, and while no service provider is perfect, Rogers definitely has the most dead zones and weak coverage in more areas than their competitors from personal experience. Back to being the best? When were they ever the best?? Perhaps one could argue they were somewhat better years ago, this is no longer the case. They've fallen way behind the other providers in terms of performance and reliability, and I doubt they'll ever take top spot over their competitors with respect to network performance.

Re: Random Cell deadzones in Durham

In Pickering. At the intersection I get 4G signal. 340 feet west (still outside) signal drops to edge. I get duplicate and triplicate text messages but only at home. Any way to boost the signal?

Re: Random Cell deadzones in Durham

I've been around

I ageee I live by Brock and Taunton the reception is garbage lots of dropped calls LTE sucks

Re: Random Cell deadzones in Durham

I've been around

I recently moved to Durham (Brock / Major Oaks) area, and it's ridiculously bad. I literally have to get out of my house and get on my front yard to make clear calls. My main floor and upstairs is hit or miss, and my basement  and back yard is a complete deadzone.... I will change companies at this point.

Re: Random Cell deadzones in Durham

Good evening @fabdi1984,


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