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Next Box 3.0 and PVR Extender

I've been here awhile

Can anyone confirm whether the 1TB PVR extender is compatible with Next Box 3.0? When I connect the two, I get a message indicating the Next Box 3.0 cannot format the extender as it is not functioning properly. Thanks for any input





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Re: Next Box 3.0 and PVR Extender

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@OLDYELLR wrote:

Interesting. So how does the Hauppauge HDPVR store recordings, if not on a hard drive? Or do you mean writing the recordings to DVD-Rs for archiving. I've seen more DVDs and CDs go bad than hard drives.

The Hauppauge becomes part of an HTPC and the programming does get recorded to a hard drive of the HTPC. It takes advantage of the "analogue hole" and component video connections.   You copy the recording to the Hauppauge in real time, much like to a DVD recorder, however, it's in HD quality instead of SD.  To learn more, go to the Hauppauge website.  They say it can also use HDMI, however, that's only for unencrypted recordings like on a personal camcorder.

Re: Next Box 3.0 and PVR Extender

I've been here awhile
Thanks for your help! Lots to work with here, and I REALLY appreciate the help!
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