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Android email password change

I plan to stick around

Using a Moto X, first one.


1. Changed Rogers email password. Successful.

2. Changed my email password in my iPad settings. Successful.

3. Changed my email password in my iPod settings. Successful.

4. Changed my email password in my Moto X. Not successful. Message that username/password incorrect.

5. Tried the Generate Passwords function through My Rogers account, but still got message.

6. Removed my account from Moto X and tried my password and tried my Generated password. Still got message.

7. Checked my other Rogers email account which works on the Moto X. It has the same settings as the account that will not recognize my new password.




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Re: Android email password change


Hello, @dannibal.


I appreciate your thorough post. I attempted replicating the issue on my end with my email address to see if there is an issue with Android phones; the email account got added successfully. 

You mentioned the other email account is working; did you change the password for this account as well? Did you use the app password?


Sometimes when you are trying multiple times to sign in, your account may get locked. Are you using the stock email client of Moto X?


Are you able to login to the webmail at If yes, you can close the email clients running on all the other devices, delete the email account from Moto X and add back the email account. 


Please keep us posted. 




Re: Android email password change

I plan to stick around
  • did not change other account password
  • signed in at webmail (that's how I changed my email password in the first place)
    • closed all accounts, as suggested.
    • got signed out of webmail, but iPad & iPod still signed in
    • Moto X was not signed in, as described I had deleted it and was not able to enter a password.
    • still cannot add email account to Moto X


  • the reason for changing the password was that my account had, apparently, sent out an email without telling me. It had a subject of " Here's why I found so many good reviews."
    • I had previously had to ditch a Rogers email account because of hacks, which is a pain.
    • I had hoped that this one could be salvaged, at least for a while, and allow me time to migrate my contacts at a more convenient time.
    • Rogers continues to provide consistent and predictable service


  • I hope that the CRTC allows competition to enter this market so that we may enjoy lower prices, better internet, and better customer service.
  • I encourage all to write to your MP and encourage them to support competition in telecommunications.


However, Mr. RogersMoin, I thank you for your assistance

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