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Call forwarding to a US number and other call forwarding issues

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I am just going to post this for reference purposes. The call forwarding feature on iPhones and Android devices, coupled with the specific star codes *21*xxxxxxx# to activate and #21# to deactivate, don't work as they should. I've been using call forwarding (CF) with Rogers since 1996. And it's only been this year that I have been experiencing this issue.


Additionally, is there a network block feature preventing Rogers mobile from being CF to a USA number even though we have a USA rate plan? I tried to CF to a USA number and callers reaching me say the number is out of service when, in fact, it's a valid active working number.


Also, your Tier 1 tech support team have no clue how to check, enable, or disable call forwarding to a specific phone number. They just tell customers to do it manually within the device settings, call forwarding feature. They don't know about the above #21# and *21* features. I find their training and knowledge is exceptionally poor. 



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Re: Call forwarding to a US number and other call forwarding issues

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Call forwarding should work to US numbers. I haven't used call forwarding since returning to Rogers but from what I remeber. It is poaaible. I used to forward my Rogers to T-Mobile numver while abroad because my plan included US calling at the time. Now my plan includes US calling and US roaming, which eliminated my need to use call forwarding.

Some US carrier servuces do not permit call forwarded calls to help cut down on spam. Especially if you have their spam filtering services or Google's call screening feature enabled as an example. Which US carrier is your service with and is it prepaid or postpaid?

Re: Call forwarding to a US number and other call forwarding issues

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It may not be a Rogers issue, it may very well be the US Carrier refusing a forwarded call from outside the USA.  Just because Rogers allows you to call forward to a USA number, does not Guarantee the USA Provider will accept the Forwarded call. Yes they can detect if the call is directly dialed or forwarded.

Re: Call forwarding to a US number and other call forwarding issues

I'm an enthusiast

Thanks @Pauly @LordDrakkon.  

It's fascinating to consider the possibility of US carriers blocking call forwarding.


While my Google Voice number has spam filtering disabled (although spam calls have decreased, likely due to improved features), I rely on call forwarding for international travel when Wi-Fi calling is inconsistent. I verified I also have call screening disabled too. 


Unfortunately, my previous solution of forwarding to Fongo proved incredibly unreliable. I find it unlikely though Google would've implemented a prompt saying " number is out of service" instead of another message. Callers told me this and I was able to replicate the issue. 


However, the other pressing issue lies with Rogers itself: disabling call forwarding often malfunctions. I encounter error messages indicating failure, or the setting in the phone appears disabled but remains active (or vice versa). This issue especially occurs on Rogers Wi-Fi, but I must emphasize it also occurs when not connected to Wi-Fi, but not as frequently. Of course, I reset my network settings on my device et al. I even restored my iPhone to factory defaults. I replicated the issue on a Google Pixel 7, with eSIM and physical SIM. 


Anyway, To ensure I receive important calls while mobile, I need to dial #21# twice, and sometimes it fails completely without any error message. This problem surfaced after rejoining Rogers in the summer and was never present with Freedom/Shaw or Telus/Bell.

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