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VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling on Pixel 4 purchased from Google

I plan to stick around

I'm thinking of buying a Pixel 4 XL directly form Google since they have the Oh So Orange color exclusively.


In the past I could not get VoLTE working with my original pixel that I bought from Google, Rogers eventually exchanged it for me with one from their inventory (refurbished) just so it would work. 


It's 2019 now and I am wondering if Rogers has figured out how to get VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling working on a device purchased from the Play Store.  Would the device get Rogers settings sent over the air once a Rogers SIM in installed in it? example, my Pixel 3 XL (from Rogers) shows "Settings Version rogers_ca 10000000030.2" which looks like something that can be pushed to the device.


Does anyone have any actual personal experience with using a Pixel 3 or 4 purchased directly from Google and getting VoLTE AND Wi-Fi calling to work?  Not looking for opinions, just real world experience. 


I have already read the really old FAQ about Wi-FI calling.


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Re: VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling on Pixel 4 purchased from Google


Hello, @Nerds2You


The Oh So Orange Pixel 4 looks pretty awesome! It's quite a unique colour.


On the Android OS, we are usually only able to fully guarantee that features like Wi-Fi Calling and VoLTE will work on devices that are purchased from Rogers. Only those devices have been thoroughly tested on our network to work with Wi-Fi Calling and VoLTE features.


I did a bit more digging for you and have been advised that for the Google Pixel 2 series and onward models Wi-Fi Calling and VoLTE should work even if the device was not purchased from Rogers.


Is there anyone in the Community with a non-Rogers branded Google Pixel 2 or higher that can confirm if they can use VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling features?



Re: VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling on Pixel 4 purchased from Google

I've been here awhile

I received my Pixel 4 XL that I purchased from Google directly, and can confirm that VoLTE and WiFi calling are working fine. VoLTE was enabled by default, and I had no issue enabling WiFi calling in the settings.


I did go to a retail location and swap my SIM for a new one prior to it arriving as I had an old SureTap SIM card from 4 years ago, but I am not really sure if it was necessary or not. Just a suggestion if you do proceed and have any issues.

Re: VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling on Pixel 4 purchased from Google

I've been here awhile

I have a Pixel 4, which replaced a Pixel 3 I passed on to my wife.  The Pixel 3 worked with VoLTE with nothing more required than setting the VoLTE toggle. 


Soon after getting the Pixel 4 I went to a Rogers store to get an eSIM as I will be going to Australia for a month and prefer ($$$) to purchase a Pay as You Go plan from one of the AU carriers and not have to swap physical Sims.


VoLTE has never worked with the eSIM on the Pixel 4.  I'm even having problems with keeping LTE coverage on consistently.  A call to Rogers wireless support was frustrating as the lady advised me that VoLTE was not possible with my Pixel 4 because the IMEI was not provisioned.  I asked if she could provision the phone/IMEI and got some confusing response so I gave up. 


I'm not sure if I should try tech support via chat or phone once more, or just live with this substandard Rogers support answer until we return from AU and then go to a Rogers store and get a physical Sim.  Maybe that will resolve the LTE and VoLTE issues I'm having on the Pixel 4.


Frustrating when the Pixel 3 seamlessly provided VoLTE and LTE on Rogers while the Pixel 4 is causing me nothing but problems.

Re: VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling on Pixel 4 purchased from Google

I'm a reliable contributor

Yes, I can confirm @RogersTony - WiFi Calling/VoLTE (when it has another VoLTE device on the other end and a good LTE connection), works great on my Google Store bought Pixel 2!

And RCS has been working great too.

Re: VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling on Pixel 4 purchased from Google

I plan to stick around

So I purchased a Pixel 5, from Google, and have been having a tough time getting VoLTE & Wi-Fi Calling to work properly.


My issue was elevated to a "level 2" tech, and my IMEI was entered into the system and VoLTE & Wi-Fi Calling allowed for my phone, still no dice.


It's unfortunate that even jumping through these various hoops, I can't get these services to work.


Of note, my wife has a non-Rogers iPhone and VoLTE & Wi-Fi calling just work, without issue and without having to try to get things sorted with Rogers Tech Support.


How is it that a non-Rogers iPhone can just work, and a non-Rogers Google Pixel has to jump through hoops and still not work??


Is there anything further that can be done to get things working?



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