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Samsung Galaxy S20/20+/Ultra Reservation / Questions

I plan to stick around

Hello everyone, 

It's been awhile since I last pre-ordered a device (I last pre-ordered my current S8+ in 2017) and my memory is hazy. 

Can anyone here tell me when the S20 will available for pre-order? I know Telus is opening their pre-orders on the 11th but I have yet to hear anything about Rogers. 

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S20/20+/Ultra Reservation / Questions

I didn't get the buds either but when I changed over to home delivery the nice man gave me a $200 credit off the phone. My suggestion to Rogers would be to drop the store delivery orders altogether

Re: Samsung Galaxy S20/20+/Ultra Reservation / Questions

I've been here awhile

So I finally got my S20 Ultra 512G from Best Buy. They honored the preorder items and gave me a $250 gift card for the wait. They ended up having to ship it in from another province because the warehouse does not have it nor will they be getting the 512G version anytime soon.  I preordered on Mar. 5th and got it 3 months later. For me I still had a working phone so it was worth it to wait for the buds+, wireless charger and micro sd card.  I don't think Best Buy was very good at following up on it,  but I chalked it up to COVID-19 challenges playing a big factor. For their part they played the $250 gift card feels acceptable. I hope it goes alot smoother for any other pre-orders in the future.

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