Roaming Challenges with my Samsung Galaxy S9 phone

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Roaming Challenges with my Samsung Galaxy S9 phone

Recently I switched phones from an S5 to an S9.   Didn't change my plan but I've noticed that when I leave the GTA to an area, like Muskoka my phone now indicates I need to turn "roam" on in order to use it (aka text message, internet etc..)


It didn't use to do that and I didn't get additional charged either when I was in those types of areas.   I'm not sure why it's happening now, but I'm thinking maybe the phone isn't set properly.


Am I missing something in the set up?


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Re: Roaming Challenges with my Samsung Galaxy S9 phone

Hello, @Beeboo1.


Congratulations on your phone upgrade to S9 and thank you for joining our Community! 😃


The data roaming option is disabled on new devices by default. You can enable it by navigating to the Settings/Connections/Mobile Networks/Data roaming menu. 


What wireless plan do you have? Since your plan has not changed, enabling data roaming should not incur any additional charges. However, for peace of mind, please send a private message at @CommunityHelps so we can confirm. You can find details about our private messaging in this blog.