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Pixel 6 pro connectivity

I've been around

I just recently purchased pixel 6
Pro with rogers. While sitting in one location my couch or
Coffee shop my phone cycles through networks( 3g, h+,E LTE, LTE and 5g) and will occasionally drop out all together. I spent time on rogers chat and we reset wireless networks but problem continues to exist. Also even when it's 5g, my down load speeds are only 30 megs. Any ideas.

Thanks Kim



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Re: Pixel 6 pro connectivity


Hello @Kim35,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 


Congratulations on the new phone I hope you are enjoying it and its many features. Let’s take a look to see if we can get this issue further looked into for you. If you can help answer a few more questions.


-Are you noticing the network switching all the time or just when you are at home and when you are at the coffee shop? 

-Can you try rebooting of the phone?
-Also ensure that the phone is on the latest software. 
-Try also to remove the sim card and re insert it and then test it out?
-Also do you have an alternate device that you can try to see if the same issue occurs? 


Looking forward to your reply!



Re: Pixel 6 pro connectivity

I am now experiencing this, it happened out of the blue. I was out shopping and the issue also occured when im home.

I tried putting my sim card  in my old pixel 2 xl, but its harder to see if it cycles through the networks as its not the same UI... but had issues going on the internet/apps said i was "offline"

I had a update on my phone, did the update, restarted the connection aswell as the phone multiple times.

It hinders getting text messages even.. calls are now iffy.
What did u do to fix this issue?

Re: Pixel 6 pro connectivity

Hello @Pebz_18!


If this seems to have occurred after a software update, I would suspect the issue to be software related.


Have you attempted yet to factory reset the device to see if that helps?




Re: Pixel 6 pro connectivity

I'm here a lot

Hey guys the Pixel 6 has been plagued with connection issues since it was launched.

You can try some of the tips here.

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