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Online Games Not Working Over Cellular Data

I've been around

I can't login on my mobile games when I am on my data plan. It works fine when I was with Koodo, i just recently transferred to Rogers from Kodoo. My phone is S10+. I can login on the game thru the wifi just fine, and login was not a problem when I was in Kodoo data plan. I have tried changing my network operators to Rogers EXT and I login just fine,however, my browsing speed and download speed is severely compromised. I was only getting 3-5mbps download speed, 20 upload speed in ROGERS EXT, whereas if I use the ROGERS network operator I get 110+mpbs download.


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Re: Online Games Not Working Over Cellular Data


Hi @raffxraff,


Welcome to the Community!


I hope you're enjoying the Rogers service so far, aside from this recent development. In order to best assist you can please confirm the following:


1) Is your phone a Rogers device? If not, please check the Rogers APN settings page for the right set up.

2) Is it a specific game that won't connect over WIFI or is it all the games?

3) Are you able to browse and use the cellular data for other things? Streaming, social media, etc. 

4) What happens when you try a network refresh? You can do so on your device by following Settings > General Management > Reset > Reset network settings.

5) Do you have issues connecting any non-game apps when you are connected through cellular data?



Just need a little bit more info to assist you further.





Re: Online Games Not Working Over Cellular Data

I plan to stick around

So if its only related to online gaming, you might be affected by CG-NAT. Most online games need incoming ports as well, to operate correctly for online gaming. Over a cellular network, this isn't going to happen as you don't have a public IP. 


Unless Telus has done something fancy to allow some incoming port mapping using PMP-NAT or they've enabled IPv6, it technically shouldn't have worked with them either. 

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