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Not able to make calls/recv calls

I've been around

So today I spent an hour on the phone trying to get help.  First of all I spoke to rep who had me repeat myself many times, spelling my name, then it turns out she can't help me so she transfers me to rep who is a residential tech, then he passes me to rep, who tells me because I live in the US that T-mobile has recently shut down 3g service.  So why was I not notified?  I have been paying this very expensive service for a couple of years now and have consistently had challenges with static, or not able to make calls or calls not able to come through.  Its obvisous to Rogers, but they do not notify customers like me who reside in the US (military family) so they just allow us to continue to pay for service that is not working.  So they say they have escalated this to who knows who/where.  Anyway bottom line they do not take responsibility, they like to blame their paying customers.


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Re: Not able to make calls/recv calls

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@menleedas : I have a few questions and comments.


1. Do you normally try to make calls in an area where only 3G service was available (in the US)?

2. Do you have a really old phone that doesn't have LTE.

3. LTE still works, but if you're in a certain location where it doesn't reach, then I guess you're out of luck.

4. I assume you're not on a pre-paid phone, because those people were notified in February and June of 2022.  See link below:


5. The shutdown of 2G, 3G in the US and Canada has been documented many times.


6. You may have been notified a year or two ago, but simply didn't pay attention at the time. This happens a lot to people.

Re: Not able to make calls/recv calls

I've been around
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Re: Not able to make calls/recv calls

Good morning @Carb1964,


Welcome to the Community!


We would need a bit more info to assist you. Are you in a 3G only service area? What device are you using? Are you also in the US as suggested by the OP?


Looking forward to hearing from you!





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