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No ringtone in 2024 Kona

I plan to stick around

Not hearing a ringtone in the 2024 Hyundai Kona from either of 2 paired phones. The incoming call popup comes up but the phone rings/vibrates instead of in car ringtone sounding. When I answer the call handsfree works. I checked the ringtone volume in the infotainment, it's turned up and when I change the volume it sounds. I reset the infotainment system, still no ringtone.
The phones are Samsung A14 5G. All other Android Auto functionality seems fine. Both phones were previously paired to a 2021 Hyundai Venue and the ringtone worked fine.
I took the sim card out of one of the Samsung phone's put it in an old Umidigi Power 3. Low and behold I had the in car ringtone, the phone was ringing too. It would ring in the car on Bluetooth handsfree and after I connected to Android Auto.
So, seems it may be a Samsung A14 5G problem, maybe firmware. I wonder how one gets this sorted out.


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Re: No ringtone in 2024 Kona


Hello, @imaddicted2u2.


Thank you for being our Community member. I appreciate you sharing the details of the issue you are experiencing with the ringtone on your Hyundai Kona 2024 when paired with Samsung Galaxy A14 5G phones, including troubleshooting steps you've already taken.


Your Samsung Galaxy A14 5G should be on Android 14 and March security update. Since both of your phones have the same issue, I suggest posting it on Samsung Community. Also, you can post this issue in the Hyundai Community


In the meantime, you can still answer calls hands-free through Kona's infotainment system, as you mentioned. Please keep us posted on the resolution. 




Re: No ringtone in 2024 Kona

I plan to stick around

Thanks, I have asked Samsung directly, so far they said to clear cache on all apps but it didn't help.
Phone took latest firmware update from Rogers.
Yes, handsfree works so I can answer calls.
I'll add a couple of other things I've done since my last post.
I paired a Samsung Galaxy S23 to the worked perfectly. Played the ringtone selected on the S23 phone through the car.
This work-a-round might help others having the same issue...
I went to settings, connections, Bluetooth, three dots at top, Advanced settings...turned off Ringtone Sync...then the car's built-in ringtone would play when a call came in.
Who would have thought that turning off "Ringtone Sync" would let the car
Seems to be a bug in the Samsung A14 5g firmware. Hopefully they will fix in a future update.

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