IMEI on Blacklist! Please Help!!

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IMEI on Blacklist! Please Help!!


I have purchased a phone (Samsung Alpha) privately from a person on October 15th. Phone was locked to Bell, but I got it unlocked.
I paid him in full and his reason for selling it was because he was looking to get a different phone.
He gave me the receipt that he purchased the phone from Wireless Etc.. in a Costco Store. Under his name and number.

I have checked the phone if it was blacklisted and it wasn't. Phone was sealed and brand new.

So I used to phone until Nov 1st, (over 2 weeks) to notice that morning my phone was only working on WI-FI?

I don't know what to do? I cannot get a hold of the person anymore. That number is invalid and doesnt exist.
I have paid for this phone and now I am stuck and I cannot use it.


I did use it for 2 weeks with a Rogers Sim Card and everything was working fine until Nov1st in the morning.

Please help.

Thank you





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Re: IMEI on Blacklist! Please Help!!


Have you tried calling Rogers to add the IMEI number on ur Rogers account?. Also have you tried calling Apple to see if their systems shows that it's been blacklisted?.

I would do a factory reset on the device via iTunes and see if that fixes it. It could just be a issue.
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Re: IMEI on Blacklist! Please Help!!

Sorry I have added this post on the wrong category.

Its a Samsung Alpha.


I did not call to add the IMEI on my account. (didnt think this was going to happen).

The phone initially was fine and brand new (sealed).

It wasnt blacklisted and it worked fine for just over 2 weeks.


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Re: IMEI on Blacklist! Please Help!!


If it worked for 2 weeks, its not blacklisted UNLESS the device was stolen from a store & the seller found out & blacklisted the serial number / IMEI number. This is something all stores do to prevent stolen devices being out in the market.

Your only option you have is go into a local Rogers store & see what they can do or i would suggest switching sim cards to a new one & see if that will make it work!.
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Re: IMEI on Blacklist! Please Help!!

Changing the Sim won't do anything considering its the IMEI number thats blacklisted.
In frist post he states it came with proof of purchase.
chances are orginal seller reported it stolen .
almost certian your stuck with a phone thats only good on wifi or parts.
far as im concerned the blacklist thing is a double edged sword.

Carriers wanna makesure phones are usless regardless if its been stolen or failure to meet contract obligations.
You'd think because it's a Bell phone they would need to lift the restrictions.
Goodluck hope it all works out.

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Re: IMEI on Blacklist! Please Help!!



    Just to clarify, have you contacted Rogers and confirmed through them that your IMEI is currently on the Blacklist?


    Also, did you have Bell unlock the phone or had you gone to a third party (Pawn shop, etc.). I only inquire because in order for any service provider to unlock a phone, it would have to have been active on an account for 90 days or more and if you paid him to have it unlocked, this would have required to have him had the phone registered for 90 days prior to you purchasing it from him.


    A phone can be blacklisted within 90 days of it being used on the account, as well as through a third party insurance program. An example of the latter of the two would be if he were to sell the device to you, and then claim it under his phone insurance as lost or stolen. Once the replacement is sent out, the insurance company usually blacklists the reported phone. This is unfortunately one of the risks of buying from third parties that you're not able to get in touch with afterwards.


    Bascially, your phone is now useless except in the case as a wifi/MP3 player if it is indeed blacklisted. There is no override, and it can only be removed from the account, phone number, and account holder/insurance company that it was originally applied through.


    Sorry to hear about it, but hope this helps explain.

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Re: IMEI on Blacklist! Please Help!!

So insurance pays here before verifying the facts knowing that scammed like this exist yet when there's a real claim in life or home insurance they find any loophole.

If you go to a store and transfer the phone that still won't help you. Can anyone from rogers confirm this. Seems like you can't trust the seller or rogers in this situation. I want to buy a phone locked to rogers and with a receipt but comments I seen here state that it won't help me if first owner decides to claim later it was stolen or lost even if we both go to a rogers store and check the phone and conditions of ownership
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Re: IMEI on Blacklist! Please Help!!

It sounds like he phoned and had it blacklisted AFTER you purchased it. If so, there is nothing you can do. He screwed you over. They will not un-blacklist an IMEI after it has been blacklisted, UNLESS it's requested with proof from the ORIGINAL OWNER who purchased it.
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Re: IMEI on Blacklist! Please Help!!

Hey there

of heard of this sometimes happening with indivduals will sell a cell phone to someone then shortly after turn around and blacklist it so their service provider will replace it as a stolen phone its an unfortune thing that sometimes happens but hopefully you can get ahold of the guy or call in to the provider that it use to be explain the situation and if you have a written recpits bring it down to the store for the provider and see if there is anything they can do too help. sorry this has happened to you and i hope you get it figured out with the individal

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Re: IMEI on Blacklist! Please Help!!

The caveat is if you purchase a phone privately you need to get a written bill of sale with all the details, including the IMEI, seller's ID and unlocked.

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