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Huawei P40

I've been around

I am aware that Rogers does not carry Huawei phones.
I recently discovered that Walmart Canada Mississauga carries them.
So I am wondering why a American company in Canada carries them but not Rogers in Canada.
This seems to be discrimination against Canadians. Please tell me why you are not carrying the Huawei P40 with 5g


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Re: Huawei P40

I plan to stick around

Hi Axcell,


You are correct Rogers (nor does any Telecommunications provider) does not carry Huawei phones right now.


There was recently a security breach with Huawei that led to North American Telco providers to at least pause selling their devices. 

This article from CBC explains why North America, Brittan & Australia have at least paused the use of Huawei gear. What is 5G, and why is Canada banning Huawei from its telecom networks? | CBC News


I say "Paused" because clearly some businesses still sell the phones & maybe when another HOT Huawei (Like the Mate 20) hits the market providers will capitalize.


May I ask what is the cause of feeling discriminated against? Its not only Canada that has political tension with Huawei. (Although, I agree! I miss seeing Huawei on the shelves in providers stores!)

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