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Terrible Service

I've been here awhile

I recently travelled from Ontario to Vancouver to visit my older brother who is in  a long term care home and has dementia.   To help with communicating with him, I have purchased two Alexa Echo Shows, which will provide an opportunity to not only talk with my brother, but we can see each other when I call him from Ontario.   To set up the Echo Show for my brother in Vancouver I needed a cellphone

I called Rogers Mobile while visiting my brother in Vancouver, and explained the situation, and advised that I needed the cell phone delivered to the long term care home.   Also, I made sure they understood that the phone needed to be delivered on Wednesday and I had a flight back to Ontario on Thursday morning.  I was assured by the agent that the cell phone would be sent from a Rogers in Surrey B.C. and would be delivered the next day. (Wednesday).  He said he understood that the my brother would not be able to set up the cell phone or the Echo Show device without me there

On Wednesday afternoon, I received an email from Rogers and a notice from Fedex that the cellphone was being shipped from Oakville Ontario and would arrive on Thursday.   I called Rogers and after 50 minutes spoke to a customer service agent advising that the account needed to be closed and the cellphone delivery stopped as I would not be back in Vancouver for several months to set up the device for my brother.   The agent then told me that I would need to speak with someone else and that it would be a brief hold.   After another 45 minutes on hold I spoke with another agent and had to repeat the whole story again.   This agent advised that the account would be closed and that Fedex would be contacted to stop the delivery of the cell phone

On Wednesday evening I received a notice from Rogers that the account was cancelled.   I also received another email from Rogers after the account cancelled notice, advising me that the cellphone would be delivered on Thursday.  Furthermore, Fedex sent another notice that they would deliver the cellphone on Thursday.   I called Fedex and they  advised that the shipment would be stopped and the cellphone returned to Rogers

On Thursday, I once again received a notice from Fedex that the cellphone was out for delivery.   I called the long term care home and told them not to accept the delivery, which they did.   I still continue to receive notices from Fedex that the cellphone is in Vancouver and will be delivered.  I am dealing with Fedex separately, as Rogers does not appear to have communicated with Fedex

Saturday, I received a notice from Rogers that the first charge for the cellphone will be taken from my account on December 19th through a pre-authorized payment.  Once again I called Rogers and waited 1 hour and 45 minutes to talk to an agent.   She said that I would have to pay the amount and that the amount would be reversed in January 2024.   Given the history of broken promises, I asked to talk to a supervisor and was transferred . The supervisor had no information on the case (imagine that) and listened to my frustrations.   After listening , he hung up on me.   I received no call back.   In the interim I have removed the pre-authorization approval on the account and Rogers will need to send me a bill.  

Not sure where I go from here????


Re: Terrible Service


Good morning @Delhi23,


I am sorry to hear about this ordeal. It sounds like there was a miscommunication with FedEx as your direct call to them really should have stopped the delivery and had it returned to us. 


Has FedEx yet communicated to you that the phone has been returned as of today? The next steps will require the device to get back to us before the refund process can be initiated.




Re: Terrible Service

I've been here awhile

Good morning RogersCorey

The real issue started with Rogers, not being able to deliver the phone as promised.   Sending the phone from Oakville (rather than Surrey B.C. as was advised) delayed the phone delivery and therefore I had to cancel the account.   In turn Rogers advised that they contacted Fedex to stop the shipment and return the phone however, when I contacted Fedex hey had not record of a call from Rogers.  So Rogers is responsible for not delivering the phone within the time promised and also not contacting Fedex as promised


In regards to Fedex, I took it upon myself to contact Fedex. directly due to notices being provided that they were going to deliver the cellphone on Thursday.   Fedex has also dropped the ball and has not returned the phone to Rogers as promised.

Ultimately, none of this would have happened, if Rogers delivered the cell phone on time and then contacted Fedex to stop the phone as promised


In regards to Fe

Re: Terrible Service

I've been here awhile

Also, I have the Fedex tracking number ( I will not place it in this email) for the cell phone which is currently still with Fedex in Richmond B.C.   Let me know an email address and I can send the tracking number to you.   Rogers will need to advise Fedex to return the cellphone to Rogers.   It is not my responsibility to sit in the queue with Fedex to sort this out.

Re: Terrible Service

Greetings @Delhi23 ,


We appreciate the additional details regarding your recent experience. I'm sorry to hear that there have been quite a few hiccups along the way. 😞


I do want to advise that once an order has been shipped, we actually do not have a way to stop it. We can only ask the customer to refuse it upon delivery so that it gets shipped back to our facility for processing, so that the hardware and any service fees can be reversed. Can you kindly confirm when the order was originally placed and shipped out?


Although we try to get all device orders out to customers as quickly as we can, we are not able to promise a specific delivery date. Once shipped, it normally arrives within 3-5 business days. If you have an emergency, and need to get your hands on a phone asap, I'd always recommend visiting a Rogers store and purchasing one on the spot. This way, there is less guessing work involved.


If you had requested your account to be closed before the return of the device, that is totally fine, however, we can only reverse the charges once the shipment comes back and is processed in our database. This can typically take 7-10 business days. 


When you check the current status of the returned device via UPS website, what does it say? If you'd like for us to review you account to make sure it is closed, kindly send us a PM @CommunityHelps and we'll be happy to have a look. Unfortunately, we cannot process any account cancellations through the forums, though (just to set your expectations).


I hope this helps!


Thank you,





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