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Return/exchange new device

I've been around

I have just recently purchased a new iPhone 14 and I had an iPhone 11 Pro Max previous to this phone and I am just finding it WAY too small (to the point of having a hard time handling it) and I am also not impressed with the camera, I am thinking there may actually me a defect in the camera or something as it is VERY blurry. I would like to return this device in exchange for an iPhone 13 or 14 pro max. I for all criteria and within the 30 day online purchase timeline as well. My question is…will I be able to purchase and receive a new phone while this one is on its way (being shipped) back to Rogers? It says I can take up to 4 weeks for the entire process to be complete and let’s face it, NOBODY can go that length of time with a phone. Any advice, help, policy links, suggestions, answers, suggestions etc…??? TIA.


Re: Return/exchange new device

I plan to stick around

Hi Sammy,


Yes  you can order a new phone while the iPhone 14 is mailed back. However, you must add a line with new telephone number & financing agreement while Rogers confirms the return of your iPhone 14 connected to your current telephone number.


I can barely go 1 week without a phone (so forget 4). If I was you, my instincts would direct me to use an old phone or borrow 1 from a friend or family while my return and new order to finance process on my current line. 😄

This link confirms the financing will be cancelled upon Rogers receiving the device. However, please note the 30-day satisfaction guarantee "Service fee refund" only applies to individuals cancelling accounts within 30 days of activation. 

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee Program Details – Rogers - PLEASE SEE "Returning you wireless device."


To be clear and direct to what you are asking. iPhone 14 must be confirmed returned, then a new order for your current telephone line can be placed to start a new financing agreement for one of the pro max or plus models. 

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