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I've been here awhile

I pay $18.99 plus tax for premium device protection on mine and my daughters brand new 14 pro max phones. Unfortunately one of my daughters lost her phone and I called it in to request a claim/service request. They denied my claim and Likewize will not tell me why my claim was rejected. I pay close to $450 a month to Rogers in their services and I being rejected for a claim I made when I pay a monthly service fee for it? Absolute scammers! I want to know why my claim was rejected and further more the grounds it was rejected on. I read through all my rights and the terms and conditions of the premium device protection and I doing everything correctly! 


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Re: Likewize


Hi @Yivvie


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums, and thank you for sharing your experience here.

Were you provided by Likewize with a reason as to why your claim was rejected? I would recommend calling back in to Likewize (1-855-877-3887) and requesting to have your matter escalated to their management team for further review and consideration if you feel their reasoning is unjustified.



Re: Likewize

I lost my device and since I had rogers device protect through Likewize, I called them to file a claim.
They blacklisted my device, I later found the device and called to inform them. They cancelled my claim but my device not operational now.
Likewize keeps saying Rogers have blacklisted it and Rogers says I need to contact likewize. Usha from Rogers was quite helpful though and upon investigation found that Rogers doesn't even have my phone's IMEI in the system, they rather have a different IMEI.
My problem still says unresolved though as my phone isn't working.
Both Rogers and Likewize customer service has been worst.

Re: Likewize

Greetings @hchawla98,


Glad to hear you were able to find your device! 🙌 This is quite a strange scenario indeed. I just have a few questions for you in hopes of getting down to the bottom of this:


Did you happen to have swapped the device at any time?


Was this device obtained through an ugrade completed on your line or another line on the account? Or was this a new line activation?


Looking forward to hearing from you,



Re: Likewize

I've been here awhile
Same story 👍
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