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Invalid postal code in return label

I've been here awhile

I sent this in email to the contact showing up in the process for printing the return label. Posting it here just in case that email id is from prehistoric times and no such id exists ( which I will not be surprised )

to **Removed email info - Keep personal info private**

I am returning my Internet and TV equipment from Rogers as I cancelled all services with Rogers. My account number is: 90XXXXX258

On printing the label following the instructions from Customer care, I see the postal code as M0R 5B5. Seeattached image Label.jpeg


A couple of years back, I had shipped Rogers equipment which was in my wife's name back to Rogers using the same label. It did not get delivered for more than 45 days and I was threatened with equipment charges for not returning the equipment. I was tossed between Canada Post and Rogers where neither would acknowledge where it was. Then Canada post let me know that the postal code M0R 5B5 is invalid!! I raised a complaint with Rogers then to rectify this. I believe nothing has changed!!

Now ~2 years down I am staring at the same issue. I disconnected services on Nov 23, I was told that the label was sent to my email address. I got nothing till Dec 1st!!. Then I called back and customer care told me I could follow the instructions on Rogers web page and print the label. I did !! And now I see the same invalid postal code. What guarantees do I have that I will not be subjected to the same harrasment and torture from Rogers and Canada post? Please see screenshot for a search of your address and see underlined postal code for 4567 Dixie Rd Mississauga! The postal code is L4W 1S2!!

Google - address search result.JPGBing Address Search Result.JPG


Leads me to suspect - is this some kind of deliberate scheme that Rogers is playing to fleece unsuspecting customers for money on the equipment?


If not, please help clarify how this exactly works. I am willing to stand corrected. Appreciate a response from you.

Linoj J.




***Edited Labels***


Re: Invalid postal code in return label


Greetings @LinojJ! 👋


Congrats on your first post in the Community! We're sorry to hear about the mishap that transpired a few years back. This is most certainly not the type of experience we want you to be having. I did find some important information regarding the postal code in question and I hope it will ease your mind. 


The postal code “M0R 5B5” is a Canada Post consolidation facility. All the cable returns go to this location first and then, after consolidation, are delivered to our warehouse. Once you send back equipment to us, it generally takes about 7-10 business days for our warehouse to process the return. I would suggest that you retain the tracking number as well for your own records. 


As our goal is to provide you with a seamless process, there may be times where you may very well experience a delay in your equipment return. During the pandemic, I can say that was very much the case as Canada Post did experience a back log during this period. Also, with the Holiday season approaching, please bare in mind that this may become a factor as well. 


Just for reference, I also found a super helpful article for returning rental equipment


I hope this helps!



Re: Invalid postal code in return label

I've been here awhile

Thank you for he reply RogersJo.! While the process sounds quite inefficient, I am going to ship it in. Question: Do I need to drop a note with my account details in the box.?



Re: Invalid postal code in return label

Hello @LinojJ


My Pleasure! 👌 Thanks for your question. No note is required, however, I actually stumbled upon a great blog written by our very own @RogersYasmine on the steps for How to return Rogers equipment which may shed some additional light on how to get the equipment back to us. 












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