Infinite Plan - Data overages?

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Infinite Plan - Data overages?

So dashboard says we're on an Infinite plan, but now they're trying to charge us for extra data.  What gives?


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Re: Infinite Plan - Data overages?

Hi @fgfgf,


Thanks for sharing your data usage concerns with us! I can understand why this would appear confusing. Just to clarify, every Rogers Infinite plan will include a specific amount of high speed data. Once a customer has reached their limit for their data bucket, they'll still have access to unlimited data, however, it will only be available at a reduced speed of 512kbps.


This reduced speed still allows for many everyday activities such as basic email, browsing, texting & apps. Customers can also buy a Speed Pass for more data at high speeds if required. 


I'm noticing that in your screenshot of your wireless plan services, it shows that you have a "Share Everything plan" and not an Infinite plan. Perhaps I am missing something? 


Kind regards,