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US roaming on Rogers for former Shaw customers

I've been here awhile

I am travelling to the US next week for the first time since I switched to Rogers, so I just went to My Rogers to double check how my US roaming now works. I had a Shaw By the Gig plan (now called Shaw Basic 1GB), but on Shaw I could buy a 30 day US roaming pass for $25. Now a Rogers agent just told me that my only option is to pay $12 a day plus tax!


Needless to say, I was shocked, especially since I was sure I read that US roaming would be included in my Rogers account when I switched. Here's what it says on the Shaw Mobile Brand Sunset FAQ page at


"Shaw Mobile customers who migrate over to Rogers will be automatically assigned an equivalent plan. Your plan’s monthly fee will be the same or better than what you had with Shaw Mobile. The pre-discount plan value is higher because we have added in additional features, including US roaming exclusively for Shaw Mobile customers."


Also, at there is a page called "Rogers Mobile Plans for Shaw Mobile customers." It says that "US-wide roaming" is included in the Shaw Basic 1GB plan, and according to the fine print, "Roaming charges apply when outside the US (and Mexico for the Shaw 27GB + Mexico plan). Data: If applicable to your plan, data usage exceeding your plan allotment charged in increments of $10/GB rounded up to the next GB."


What is going on here?


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Re: US roaming on Rogers for former Shaw customers

I've been here awhile

Just called and spoke with a different Rogers agent, who confirmed that I have US roaming at no charge...go figure

Re: US roaming on Rogers for former Shaw customers


Hello, @chriswebb.


Thank you for joining us in our Community and for your posts.


It's disappointing that the first rep you spoke with could have provided more accurate info.

When you checked your plan details in MyRogers, did you notice that US roaming was included? I'm glad the second rep could confirm US roaming.


Safe travels! Thank you for being a member of Rogers' family.



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