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New Crave TV subscription, Reset digital box

I've been around

Good Afternoon,

I'm looking to see if anyone else has had this same issue. 


Recently purchased Crave TV, reset the digital box, things were working well. Next day, go to crave, again have to reset the box.. It's a constant thing. 


Called the Rogers Services number, no one can give me an answer. 3rd person I spoke with said maybe its your box. So off to Rogers I went to exchange/replace the box. 


Plugged it in to find I wasn't given the correct box. Now I'm waiting for the correct box to be mailed to me. 


In the meantime while I wait for the mail, has anyone came across this issue? Resetting the digital box every time you want to watch Crave? 


Re: New Crave TV subscription, Reset digital box

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@Minew : There should be no need to reset the box. Once Crave is authorized, you should be able to use it on any digital box in the home at any time, as well as with the Crave app on devices like tablets and cell phones, or on a computer with the correct link to Crave in your browser.  You will need to login using the appropriate credentials for these devices, but that's not necessary for digital boxes.


What was the make/model of the box you had?  What is the make/model of the box you now have? What is the make/model of the box they plan to send you?  I assume you are renting these boxes? Rogers will need to properly activate and authorize your box for the channels that you subscribe to when you get it.  If you simply plugged in your box expecting it to work, it may not, since it may not be properly activated/authorized.  Call Rogers with the serial number of the box and have them properly authorize it.


I'm assuming you're on legacy digital cable and not on the new IgniteTV (IPTV) service, since you have posted in the "TV" section of this forum.


I'm assuming you purchased Crave through Rogers and not directly from Crave.

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