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Did not receive offer as promised...

I've been here awhile

Today  ( December 19th, 2022) I contacted Rogers to renew my TV cable contract and received the message that due to a large customer volume I could wait on hold for an hour and a half or get a call back after the same wait time. I chose the callback and some time later spoke with Andre, an agent in Ottawa, who was pleasant and professional. I explained that my cable TV agreement was set to expire in January and that a message on my bill had suggested I contact Rogers to arrange a continuation. My discounted price has been $129.94 a month for the Premier package and I indicated my real choice was to continue that service. After some discussion of the Ignite service and bundling deals ( Andre fulfilling his duty as a salesman) I insisted I only wanted the TV cable service as I had Internet and landline phone with another provider and was quite satisfied with both. Andre said he would see what he could do and put me on hold for ten minutes while he checked for a deal. When he came back he said he could offer me another year of cable at the same price I have been paying. He verified for me the $129.94 inclusive of taxes going forward to January 2024 and I double checked to make sure we were in agreement. He said that was firm and I shouldn't be concerned. I thanked him for his help thinking that my deliberation was over. Much to my chagrin, I received an email service ageement later in the afternoon and the price listed had changed to $139.99 plus taxes. This evening I contacted Rogerswaited two hours for a callback and spoke to Edwin in Manitoba. He was friendly but seemed to find it difficult to appreciate my concern as he kept referring to my improved service and bundling. After a five minute hold he seemed to get my problem and told me he would have to connect me to a different department and I was put on hold for another ten minutes. He then reappeared and told me there would be a short wait as things were busy and returned me to on hold.

One hour and thirty two minutes lated I was connected with Judith in toronto who heard my story and basically told me there was nothing she could do. I asked for a supervisor and she said there wasn't one I asked for her supervisor's phone number and she said she didn't have a number fo anyone.  So basically I was screwed and had spent three hours plus achieving absolutely nothing. How do I get some help?


Re: Did not receive offer as promised...

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@TheloniusMonk wrote:  How do I get some help?

I have always found the moderators on this forum very helpful.  When logged into the forum, click on  @CommunityHelps  .  On the page that comes up, you'll see a link on the top right of the screen to "send a message".  If you're using a tablet or phone, you may need to switch your browser to the desktop version. How to do that will depend on the device but a web search should find it.  There may be some back and forth required while they get your personal information to look into your account.  Personal information is not allowed in this forum.  


Be aware that Rogers is migrating everyone to IgniteTV and the rumoured and unconfirmed "end date" for legacy digital cable is January 2024.  People may be prevented from "renewing" contracts as they become due, or they may be provided with terms they don't like to entice them to switch to IgniteTV.  I realize that you only want TV, but Rogers is not doing that for IgniteTV (except possibly for basic).  Pushback and lack of negotiating from Rogers is "normal" at this time.

Re: Did not receive offer as promised...

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Well, a verbal contract is a verbal contract ...... 


Have a look at the following article:


So, I agree with @57, in terms of contacting the moderators at @CommunityHelps for assistance.  Do that in order to see what they will do for you, if anything.  


In the mean time:


1.  Request a transcript of your original conversation where you agreed with a price of $129.94;

2.  When you have that transcript, depending on whether or not you want to wait for the transcript, make a complaint to the CCTS, which can be found here:

 CCTS Questionnaire - Complaint Resolution Form (


The CCTS appears to have been fairly useless in the past, but, that shouldn't stop you from submitting a complaint.  Maybe, if they receive enough of these types of complaints, they might actually decide to do something useful for the consumer. 


Lastly, depending on the response from the moderators, you can submit a complaint to the Office of the president, which can be started here:


Rogers: Share a Concern


Bottom line, you were offered a verbal contract, which you accepted.  Rogers can't unilaterally change the terms of the contract, as pointed out in the article.   

Re: Did not receive offer as promised...

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Don't lose any sleep over this. The normal technique to get a better deal (yes, even with legacy), is to let the first agent you speak to, check your account to see if there are any deals available for you. Regardless of what the deals are, ask to speak to a Retentions agent (they often have better deals and make fewer mistakes). It's best not to call too late in the day, because you want them fresh and wait times can be draining (even with chat). Some people like to threaten to cancel, or mention better deals, but sometimes it's best to just let them do most of the talking, at least until you hear the offers.
However, in your case, you've hit the jackpot. Something went wrong, so now you get to use "Share a Concern" through the Contact Us link near the bottom of this page.
Many, many, Rogers subscribers use it for this specific issue and are surprised when they get offered an even better deal (I like a nice even $100 month, but $105 would still make me feel like I was special, even though Rogers could do much better).
There is no guarantee that it will be as simple as I claim, but just be polite, happy, and ready to be pleasantly surprised. 🎰

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