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CNBC World instead of USA /Rogers Toronto

I've been around

It is February 2023 and I understand there was a similar topic in 2021.

But for a couple of weeks now, the programming says one thing and the channel is being switched to the world feed, usually at 7 pm. And on the weekends the whole day. 

What is the point of that? The 2021 explanation was that it was the Olympics . What is it now ?

Why can't we have the US feed like we used to?



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Re: CNBC World instead of USA /Rogers Toronto

I'm a trusted contributor

CNBC World has always been used in place of CNBC content that it can't show in Canada, like Sports content (Skiing, Hockey, etc.).

Since Shepard Smith was cancelled (7pm and early morning rerun), the 7pm slot and beyond is often filled by Shark Tank reruns (CTV probably won't allow it to air hete), and other syndicated content without airing rights here.

When I had CNBC with Rogers, CNBC World took over at 8pm, once Shepard Smith's show finished (and the rerun was shown by Rogers at 1am, or something like that).

As of Wed March 8th,at 7pm, CNBC will be airing a new show, Last Call, on weekdays ... so since it's a business, news and Entertainment type show, Rogers will most likely air it.

CNBC World is still better than Shark Tank reruns.

 CNBC World is now used by Rogers on the weekends, since the weekends on CNBC (American version) have infomercials, sports (skiing, drone racing, etc.), Undercover Boss, American Greed, and other content without Canadian rights, or are simply ignored.


The CNBC Rogers version is still in flux, much like CNBC America. 🇺🇸

Re: CNBC World instead of USA /Rogers Toronto

I'm a trusted contributor

Today, for the first time since I've been watching Last Call, Rogers failed to switch over to CNBC World, after Last Call ended on CNBC (from 7pm-8pn).

What's funny about this failed switch is that Rogers almost always cuts the Last Call show off just as the host is saying :stay tuned for Shark Tank." So when I heard the host utter the words Shark Tank, I almost fell out of my chair.

A few weeks ago, the Legacy digital tv guide incorrectly listed a CNBC World show, instead of Last Call which actually was shown properly by Rogers at 7pm.

In addition, last week, the guide incorrectly listed the CNBC schedule instead of the correct CNBC World after 8pm schedule, until it was eventually corrected a few days before the CNBC shows
like Shark Tank were to be aired.

It's currently 8:38pm and Shark Tank is still being shown. Which is still causing me to smile since Rogers tries so hard to stop the words "Shark Tank" from being spoken.

Re: CNBC World instead of USA /Rogers Toronto

I'm a trusted contributor
Although Rogers aired all of the CNBC Shark Tank reruns last night, since they never switched over to CNBC World, tonight however, Rogers made the 8pm switchover to CNBC World ... even though the legacy tv guide incorrectly shows the CNBC listings for multiple Shark Tank episodes (that obviously won't air tonight.

Rogers seems to be having trouble finding someone to correctly program the tv listings, as well as getting the computer or person to switchover to CNBC World.

A few weeks ago, when the 8pm show was a rerun of a CNBC special dealing with Meme King Ryan Cohen (EB, and Bed Bath and Beyond stock manipulator), Rogers still switched over to CNBC World, even though there was no Shark Tank airing that needed to be blocked.

CNBC ... Can Never Be Canadian

Re: CNBC World instead of USA /Rogers Toronto

I'm a trusted contributor
Oops. Canadian Meme King, Ryan Cohen, and co-founder of Chewy, has nothing to do with EB(as I accidentally typed in my previous post). I meant to type Gamestop (which Ryan is still playing around with), which became a meme sensation.
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