Text message from 131313 claiming to be Rogers

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Text message from 131313 claiming to be Rogers

131313 Texted me claiming to be Rogers.. I phoned Rogers about this text I received from number 131313 and she told me that this text message is not from Rogers but it is instead a fraud. That text stated=
"Jake, an associate will be calling your name very soon. If you need more time, you can let us know at (removed potential malicious link). Choosing this option will remove you from the queue" with clicked on link takes me to specified link address of =
(removed potential malicious link), which has a Rogers logo on top of this message in that link =
"I'm sorry, we didn't find that queue details. Would you like to join the queue in a branch, or make a future booking?" that has link under that message stating =
"Bookings powered by booking bug" which takes me to link=
(removed potential malicious link) which looks to be a line queue management site.
I have not been in any queue with Rogers that I know of and the Rogers agent told me she can't see anything about me as such either.
I have seen this text number 131313 also referenced in this Rogers forum here:
But I'm not certain what it is to me.
Is this a Rogers text number 131313 that I have to cancel? I don't know.
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Re: Text message from 131313 claiming to be Rogers

Good evening @whatisthisplace,


Welcome to the Community!


You've come to the right place! This definitely looks like  a spam message. For spam text messages, you can forward the content of the SMS to 7726 (SPAM), to register it for investigation and blocking from the Rogers  network. The messages sent to 7726 are analyzed in batches as they are received. 


I always encourage customers to report scams and fraudulent activities to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre


As always please be diligent about sharing your personal or financial information online. Avoid clicking on suspicious links, no matter how "legitimate" the message may seem.  When in doubt, reach out to us to verify!