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Social Insurance Number scam

I plan to stick around

Yesterday, September 23, 2020, I got two calls from these numbers:

+1 (800) 330 1548,
+1 (877) 230 1841,

and a male robot voice told me there were problems with my SIN and gave me instructions to press a button and talk with somebody.

Today September 24, 2020, I got a similar call from: 
+1 (800) 220 0405.

The same voice said: "This is Service Canada. We have got an order to suspend your Social Insurance Number ..."


How can I get rid of these calls? Each cost $CAN 0.5. The phone I have is with a  Pay As You Go Card and if the calls keep like this they will drain it.


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Re: Social Insurance Number scam

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Resident Expert

@bogdanlazar wrote:  How can I get rid of these calls? Each cost $CAN 0.5. The phone I have is with a  Pay As You Go Card and if the calls keep like this they will drain it.

Since there are so many telemarketing/scam calls these days, I don't answer (or return) any calls on my PAYGo phone unless they're in my "address book".  I also don't have voicemail active on my PAYGo phone so that I don't have to pay for telemarketing/scam calls that go to voicemail.  I realize that these are not viable options for some people, but thought I'd mention it nevertheless.  I do still have a Rogers "home phone" for most calls and only use the PAYGo cell for emergencies.


Very soon the Service providers are going to have to do something helpful about these telemarketers/spoofers as outlined in the following link:  Let's hope that gets rid of the vast majority of these annoyances.

Re: Social Insurance Number scam

I've been here awhile

Well...all i can think of to tell u if u dont want to pay 0.5$ each and every time a telemarketer calls or a scam call comes simply just dont answer the phone.....
I had this phone number call me last week....i had absolutely no idea who the number was....regardless....I answered....this guy took about 10secs and me saying hello about 4 times before he started....thats when I he said in an xtreemly irritated and completelh . off tone that I frauded my SIN card....that I have to press 1 to the officer in charge of the investigation....that if I hang theyd be busting down my door in 5-10mins....cause they had the RCMP on standby down the j played along.....pressed 1....this other completely . dude starts telling that frauded my SIN.... he asked my name, my adress...AND go figure....literaly my SIN

Anyways....he only asked 1 more to.e and when i refused again and he started saying that rcmp were on route I told him to go away and hung up

Re: Social Insurance Number scam

One more comment. If you get charged for a lot of these calls, you can ask the charges be reversed when you talk to the PAYGo CSRs, whom I find to be very helpful.  About once or twice a year, I need to talk to them about something and at that time I will ask for a credit for these calls if there have been a lot of them. Lately I haven't had to bother since, luckily, I haven't received many.

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