Fake Rogers e-Bill

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Fake Rogers e-Bill

Yesterday morning I received a somewhat convincing looking monthly e-bill that purported to be from Rogers. The first part looked essentially as follows:


                                                                  Account number: 40xxxxxxx

                                                                    Current Bill Total: $353.10

                                          Thank you for pre-authorizing your payment. We'll

                                              charge this amount to your credit card on or

                                                                 after Nov 15, 20 19.

                                                                           View Bill HERE


I was surprised that the amount was not the same as my usual e-bill, so I clicked on the "View Bill HERE" link and up came a page requesting that I enter my current credit card info. Then I knew it was fake. I checked the address of the sender and it was  ROGERS <therbiggons@naver.com>, which is clearly fake.

This is the first time I have encountered a fake e-bill; there will likely be more in the future. I hope Rogers puts out a warning to its customers who use e-billing.


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Re: Fake Rogers e-Bill

Good for you for spotting the fake and for posting it here.  As an FYI to others, one should almost never use the link in an incoming e-mail when you usually do business with that company. Rather, you should login using your normal method by going to the website (using your own bookmark) instead.


As mentioned you can hover over the e-mail address and usually see the "real" e-mail address, however, even that can sometimes be pretty convincing with only one letter off for example. 


One can also right click on an e-mail or use a similar method to see the "source information."

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Re: Fake Rogers e-Bill

I receive fake ebills constantly. I forward them to Rogers fraud department & nothing gets done, so now I just delete them. The problem is, when the real ebill comes, I probably delete it & then I receive an email from the credit department, saying my bill is overdue.
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Re: Fake Rogers e-Bill

I receive a lot of spam too including fraudulent bills.

The one absolute way I can tell if I owe rogers money is by logging onto the MyRogers portal and seeing my account balance in real time.

Note: you do not actually get your bills emailed to you, you get a Notification that a Bill is available online. you would then go online to see a Electronic/PDF copy of the bill. since your logged into Rogers portal, the bill you see is Genuine / authentic, scammers can not make their fake email bills show up on this portal so this is how you tell the difference.

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Re: Fake Rogers e-Bill

To be extra cautious rather than click on the link provided in your bill notification bookmark  MyRogers and use that.