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Rogers Salesman and Potential Fraudulent Email Received

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Yesterday we had a Rogers rep come to our door with a deal on the Ignite Flex 20 Including Sports plan.  I am currently with Bell and was rather surprised they knew our bill recently went up.  Though I am sure a lot of plans change prices at this time of year.

Anyway, I wanted to think it over and asked him to come back a couple of hours later.  I reviewed the deal online and others were receiving similar prices and the selection was to my liking so I took him up on the offer when he came back.

He asked for two pieces of ID, which is not unusual and we scheduled an appointment for a technician next Tuesday.  The rep even gave me a number to contact him back at directly.  

There are a few strange things that occurred that make me think I might be the victim of a phishing scam.

1. The email I received after he verified my email address was  Research on this forum and others tells me that this is not that unusual.  OASYS is a sales backend that Rogers uses.  I checked the header information and email passed all the checks and the IP address behind the email was:

Seems legit.

The body of the email was this:

"Your new Rogers service request has been submitted.


Hello NAME,

Welcome to Rogers!

You will receive your service agreement detailing your order shortly.

In the meantime, a statement regarding your right to cancel your services is enclosed with this email in the attachment entitled “Buyer's Right to Cancel”.


Thank you,"


2.  The next day (today) I received another email from a different address stating:

"***Please note this email address is used for outgoing messages only. Should you reply, your message will not be received.***


Hi, this is Rogers! We wanted to let you know that there is a delay in processing your Ignite TV, Internet order #K0000000 (I changed this number). We will contact you in the next 2 business days. For any questions, please give your Field Sales Agent a call. Thank you!"


There are a couple of points of concern here.  First, based on research here, the email address doesn't seem to be actually tied to Rogers.  The does not seem to be a valid Rogers domain.  I took a look at the header data and the email itself is legit but it seems to be hosted by Amazon Web Services (

What's really strange is that the order number that was in the email "#K0000000" matched the one that was given to me by the sales rep.

Why would a fraudulent email be sending me the same order number?  


I haven't called the sales agent as of yet and I haven't received any follow up regarding my scheduled technician.  


I wanted to check-in here to see if anyone else has input before contacting the sales rep back.  





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Re: Rogers Salesman and Potential Fraudulent Email Received

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Hello DoctorWho38,


While I do not work for Rogers nor represent them in any way, I am still very familiar with how Technology works..

The email you received was generated from a Communications server of some sort.  It basically is an email template and any order transaction details or installation details get passed into the email and it generates a unique email tailored to you.


While you are correct in your instincts to be suspicious by a strange looking sender e-mail address, I have personally seen big companies misconfigure their Communications engines with an email address with a typo in it or an email sub domain which does not exist or an email of a third party vendor by mistake.  Sometimes people have put a fictitious email because they do not know how to make it an outgoing email box only, they do not want people to reply to that address because no one is monitoring that mailbox.


Either way, you can report it to them and perhaps somebody will fix it? Personally I would not worry about it if it was me because the order number was correct which is a sign that it is coming from genuine source

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