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New Scammers?

I've been here awhile

Got cold called from "A representative from rogers" From 519-xxx-4488 (Edited by Moderator for safety and security)
They offered some crazy plan for 34.99 and here's the weird part, taxes included.
Was offering to send out a "Galaxy tab a9 plus" whatever that is and upgrade my phone, (I'm happy with what I have Tyvm)
Asked for proof they were from rogers, got an email from ""
Got this email:

Dear Sir/Ma'am,


We’re working on your order for (XXX) XXX-0064


Order date : Feb 06, 2024

Gift Hamper : Galaxy Tab A9 Plus
Color : Graphite
Your plan : Infinity + 50 Gigs
Price : $34.99 Including (Device, Plan & Taxes)/Per Month.

if your order is being shipped to you, it should arrive within 2 to 5 business days.

You may experience a shipping delay if you live in a remote area, ordered one of our more popular devices or it’s a busy time of year. Don’t worry – we’re working quickly to get your order to you as soon as possible.

Next Steps:

Visit (Removed link for safety and security)

My issue with this got even weirder when they asked for my address, stupidly I gave it to them before hanging up realizing my mistake. 
There's no way this is a real thing yeah?
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Re: New Scammers?

I've been here awhile

I'll add that they knew about how much I was paying for my plan too..

Re: New Scammers?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

the domain from that email address is not an official rogers domain. its a scam

Re: New Scammers?

I've been here awhile


Look I fell for the phishing scam and just realized I got scammed out of a 2 thousand dollar phone. 


Everything seemed so legit, they had my information already. The emails came from (which I know now is fake) They provided me with call back numbers and agent numbers.


I am so mad at myself.


I made a case with Rogers and cancelled my auto payment. I am going to make a police report


Anyone who has been through this... I am going to have to pay for the phone? Can I go through my credit card? Just looking for what is going to happen next.


Thank you!

Re: New Scammers?

Greetings @User5954! 😊 


Yikes! I'm sorry to hear what transpired. With all the scams out there nowadays, one can't be too cautious. I'm glad you were able to connect with us to have a case created and this issue looked into. Was the case created for our Fraud Team to investigate? If so, it takes 10 business days for them to get back to you. 


Once our Fraud Team connects with you, they will be able to elaborate on the details of the charges and advise you of the next best steps to be taken.


For future reference, I found a super helpful blog written by our very own @RogersYasmine on Protecting Yourself Against Fraud.


I hope this helps!




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