Is this call real or fake?

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Is this call real or fake?

We have been receiving calls from a person named Joise, using this number (416) 628-6739. She claims to be associated with Rogers, when I asked her what I had on my account she stated incorrect items. Which set of some red flags for myself. Now She keeps calling, and even though I tell her I’m at work, she gets irritated and hung up on me. I need to know is this number associated with Rogers?

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Re: Is this call real or fake?

Hey @Sashaskyy,


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Being super vigilant with potential vishing (short for “voice phishing”) attempts is the best thing to do. Scammers try to gather your personal or financial information over the phone. Usually, they make calls to offer you fake rate plans and promise incentives if you complete surveys or if you respond to their requests to “confirm” your account by providing sensitive information like PINs, passwords, or account numbers.


What department did Joise say she was from? I might recommend you to block that particular number to prevent that this person contacts you again.


What should I do if I’ve received a suspicious phone call from Rogers?

Do NOT provide personal information if the caller sounds suspicious. If possible, record the phone number that appeared on your call display, then contact Rogers and report the incident. We will be able to determine if the call was legitimate.


To get in touch with an actual Rogers representative, visit


What should I do if I’ve received a suspicious voice call from another company?

Do NOT provide personal information to the caller. Instead, report the incident to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre:


The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre has a lot of information on known scams. Review their website to protect yourself from potential fraud.


Hope this helps!