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Email about promotion

Hello! I have received an email from Rogers apparently saying I could sign up on this promotion to get a 50$ gift card with my Rogers number and postal code. It's for a back to school thing? Wish I could just post a picture of it. Is it a scam?


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Re: Email about promotion

Good evening @Ritalabella,


Welcome to the Rogers Community! Thanks for your post. I understand your concern with receiving an email asking for your personal data. You're doing the right thing by remaining vigilant! 


I was not able to identify the promotion you are referring to. You can certainly post a screenshot of the email you received. However, please make sure that you remove any personal information. In this case, the best thing to do is NOT to respond to the email, provide personal information online to the sender, send or forward it to others, or click on any links or attachments included within the email. Instead, forward the email to


Make sure to include the following details in your email to Rogers:

  • Include a brief description of the issue
  • Copy and paste the full email headers above the body of the forwarded email

If you provided your PIN/password in response to the suspicious email, or if you don’t have a PIN/password already set up on your Rogers account, we highly recommend that you change or create a PIN/password now.


Hope this helps!