One Ring Scam (Wangiri Fraud)

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One Ring Scam (Wangiri Fraud)


One Ring Scam (Wangiri Fraud)


If you receive a call from an unknown international number that disconnects immediately, it could be part of a worldwide scam known as the one ring scam or Wangiri fraud.


Services Affected

Any device capable of receiving incoming calls with Caller ID.


How it works

Targeted individuals will receive a call from an overseas number that will ring once or twice; long enough to have a number appear on their caller ID. In some cases, individuals may also receive an alarmist SMS urging them to call back a linked overseas phone number. These scammers do not typically leave a voicemail as the intent is for the targeted individual to call the number back. Because these numbers are premium-rate overseas phone numbers, once the victim returns the call, the scammer will make every effort to keep them on the line as long as possible to run up the charges.   


Protecting Yourself

If you receive a call from an overseas number you don’t recognize, do not call back. Rogers actively takes steps to protect our customers from receiving calls from fraudulent international numbers and we are working with other carriers and law enforcement to stop this practice.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: One Ring Scam (Wangiri Fraud)

I receive around 8 of these VERY ANNOYING scam calls a day. Usually no voicemail is left but sometimes a blank one-second voicemail is left. These are the numbers just from the last 48 hours which have harassed me.


When will Rogers implement effective spam prevention systems like so many of the US carriers? Personally, I'd be willing to spend a couple extra bucks for this service but it should be free. I am ready to abandon my cell—it makes me THAT crazy. 















Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: One Ring Scam (Wangiri Fraud)

This type of fraud/spam affects every carrier in Canada not just Rogers and guess what? It also affects other parts of the world too. There is no fool proof way to block these for good on any carrier in the world.

Secondly I would avoid posting the numbers publically on these forums that you receive. You might be posting a number of someone who had their number spoofed by a scammer who has no idea. That would not be nice.

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Re: One Ring Scam (Wangiri Fraud)

Since Yesterday, I received 4 calls from République centrafricaine and Congo-Brazzaville.