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Becoming a new customer shouldnt be this scary

I've been around

I was a Fido Home Internet customer for several years, with no issues. It's actually crazy to think Fido is owned by Rogers, because why is the service provided on every level so different.

Monday March 18th I call Fido about the switch they gave me a number to call which I do. I speak to a knowledgeable friendly rep who sets up the transfer from Fido Internet to Rogers Internet for me. We end that call with me being told that the new modem will be shipped March 21st and arrived March 22nd.

16mins after hanging up that call. I get a call from caller ID ROGERS CONTRACTOR +14166484587. He doesn't say his name just that he is on site for my Rogers app, that I made and he proceeds to tell me my address. All the red flags are going off. Because the rep didn't mention anyone needing to come to my home let alone 16 mins after the call. So I'm like what are you talking about no one said anyone was coming to my house- ROGERS CONTRACTOR sounding frustrated hangs up on me.

So I call back the number I had called to do the switch and let a new rep know what happened. She notes my account but cannot offer much else. Then I send a email of concern through the website. Detailing the issue.

The next day March 18th - I get a call from a woman who identifies she is calling from Rogers Fraud dpt in Ottawa to follow up. I tell her the situation and play the call of ROGERS CONTRACTOR. And say the scary thing is either its an employee trying to scam customers or its not an employee and they have full access to your systems.

She takes the info apologizing and says they will try to get the number flagged as scam.

March 21st while I am at work, running a group. I am getting called back to back (today March 23rd I found out it was the fraud dpt calling) ... on the 3rd called I answer and ask who is it a man says Rogers I advised him that it's not an emergency and hang up. Because I am infront a group of ppl working. (As a parent a don't turn my ringer off)

I get no other calls.

Today March 23rd I wake up and I have a email that says your Rogers Bill is ready. Open it not even realizing the name is not my name and I am in shock because the bill is basically 800$.

Call Rogers and I am told there was a fraud attempt on my account and I have to speak to fraud.

Now trying to get to fraud also seeing all these msgs about how difficult it is to connect to this dpt I've called multiple times no answer. No one can transfer you to the dpt.

It hasn't even been 7 days but I am completely drained and disgusted. I loved the service I got from Fido never had any issue. I don't know why they decided to close the home internet but it's devastating.


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Re: Becoming a new customer shouldnt be this scary


Good morning @ForcedFromFido,


Welcome to the Rogers Community and thank for taking the time to bring this up to our attention. I can certainly imagine the frustration this situation has generated.


Were you able to get your concerns addressed since posting? Keep in mind that the fraud prevention department may not be available outside of their business hours and we apologize for any inconveniences this may cause you.


If you need us to take a deeper look into this, we'll simply need to discuss privately so we can go through the authentication process and gain access to your account.


Feel free to send a message to @CommunityHelps, if you require further assistance. Click here, to learn more on our private messaging system. 





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