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NHL Live not HD on desktop & ultawide aspect screen ratio (21:9) not supported.

I've been around

Couple items:


1. The games do not stream in HD on the desktop PC/website. The PC is hardwired and the internet speed is fine. For reference, I can stream bootleg games in HD side-by-side the lower resolution NHL Live streams.... This happens with all web browsers I have tried. When using the wireless Xbox One app or Android tablet app, I can stream games in HD. Is there something I can do to rectify the issues I am having with the web player? 


2. More of a critique, when attempting to view the web player in fullscreen on an ultrawide screen aspect ratio (21:9) the app zooms in and stretches the feed to fit the screen. This cuts off the score/time banner of the game. Like other popular video players, I would prefer if the NHL Live video player kept the original aspect ratio and applied black bars in order to not lose game content. As an aside, the stream is also not HD while not fullscreen/zoomed. 


Re: NHL Live not HD on desktop & ultawide aspect screen ratio (21:9) not supported.


Hello and welcome to our Community @pencilbead!



My name is Corey and I'm here to help troubleshoot this NHL Live issue. I hope you don't mind if I ask you some questions to help get to the bottom of this?


For your first question, I would just like to find out if you're a Rogers Internet customer as well. When it comes to streaming quality, it may be related to your Internet connection and I can only control for that if you're our customer.


Would you mind sharing the web browsers and versions you used? Also keep in mind that HD starts at 720p and if you're using a 21:9 monitor while viewing a browser stream at 720p, it may not look as crisp as you would like. 


Thank you for your feedback with regards to 21:9 by the way. I have no news to share currently about support for that aspect ratio. I would anticipate that support for this resolution will only truly proliferate if TVs get on board and they start finding their way into the average consumer's home. 


I know this aspect ratio can be beautiful to behold but until then, support for this aspect ratio will be on production by production basis.





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